White Star Breeds, an Idea


I've been thinking that since White Stars incorprate organic technology, then why not have White Star breeds(variants of the White Star that have evolved).

I was thinking as these as possbible Variants:

Star Lancer Breed(Color Orange)

10/3 damage
12/3 crew
Speed 15/Hull 5/1White Star Fighter
Adaptive Armor, AJP, Dodge 4+, Self Repair 1, After Burner

Neutron Laser 15" F 3AD Beam, Precise, SAP, DD

Star Viper Breed(Color Green) This ship Harkens more twards it Vorlon Heritage
10/3 damage
12/3 crew
Speed 10/Hull 5
Adaptive Armor, AJP, Dodge 4+, Self Repair 1

Lightning Gun 10" B 2AD Beam, Precise, SAP, TD, Slow Loading
Molecular Pulsar 10" F 4D Anti-Fighter, AP, DD

What do people think of this? I guess I am just looking for reasons to paint my White Stars different colors.
i had thought of a White Star that was intended to be the test bed for the Victory's lighting cannon.

it was exactly like a normal WS except it's neutron lase was replaced with:

Lightning Cannon range: 20, AD: 6, Ark B, Beam, Super AP, Precise, Triple Damage, slow loading.
Firing this weapon requires the WS to run it's reactors in a state of barly controled overload. whenever the weapon fires the firing ship takes 1d6-1 reactor criticles.

i also concidered a WS that had it's Mulecular Pulsers replased with a pair of 4 AD energy mines.