White splotches on EA ships


I've been oogling the "next generation" EA ships, and wondered about something that appears in the Mongoose paint schemes. The newer EA ships seem to have two consistant features - a grey tone, and white splotches. Anyone know what those splotches are? Ship markings? Battle damage?

I've wondered that too...but they don't appear where I'd expect windows to be:


And way too bunched together...hm...it looks like snow or ice formations.


Acturian space mites?

Fairy dust?

Ranger dust?

The last bit of the captains christmas decorations?
If those are windows and each window is just a foot wide... that thing is a couple MILES long... wouldn't it be?

I'm not going to go all "b5tech.com" and come up with an equation... but that thing would be HUMONGUOS!
Burger said:
Er yes, it is a spaceship.

This thing is the size of Babylon 5... from what I can gather about the windows...

Also... windows help you see the darkness that surrounds you...

But in all seriousness, this comes up all the time. Windows give visual confirmation when technology starts to go on the fritz. Now, I can only see a use for whindows near the bridge, not all over the ship...
So that's why sparks start flying out of computer consoles
whenever a sci-fi ship is asked to do something demanding.....
Fireymonkeyboy said:
Anyone know what those splotches are? Ship markings? Battle damage?
Just don't ask.


...no, don't ask.

OK, then, it's the giant mutant space goat. He's been... alone...