What ships do you most want to see?


Hi guys,

I just got my first Mongoose shipment last week, I gotta tell you it was like Christmas had come early. All around I have to say Im really impressed by Mongoose - Victory at Sea, I may even have to buy the rulebook. :wink: :lol:

I will be collecting predominantly Royal Navy, Kriegsmarine and Regia Marina models as Pacific Battles I find a little one sided...which is fine, it was one sided. 8) So I am really impressed by the models so far of both the Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine as presented by Mongoose, these models are far superior to anything out there on the market currently.

So looking about the forum I noticed that the release dates for the next models will be coming up in July most attractive to my eye was HMS Nelson, the Nelsons are a fabulous battleship unlike anything else on the high seas at the time, so I cant wait to get my hands on these. But I wondered what other guys might like to see the most in terms of Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine ships. As for the Royal Navy Id say we really need a heavy cruiser and that would mean a County Class, keeping in line with the Battle Boxes I would say that HMS Dorsetshire would seem the obvious choice since it was she that delivered the coup de gras on the Bismarck.

But if each of you were to give a top 10 list in order of preference, what would those ships be?

Here would be my top 10:

HMS Ark Royal - Ark Royal Class Fleet Carrier
HMS Illustious - Illustrious Class Fleet Carrier
HMS Dorsetshire - County/Norfolk Class Heavy Cruiser
HMS Kent - County/Kent Class Heavy Cruiser
HMS London - County/London Class Heavy Cruiser
HMS Sheffield - Town/Southampton Class Light Cruiser
HMS Dido - Dido Class Light AA Cruiser
HMS Electra - E Class Destroyer
KMS Konigsberg - Konigsberg Class Light Cruiser
KMS Nurnberg - Leipzig Class Light Cruiser

...there are so many others but that will do for starters...keep up the great work Mongoose.

You all rock! :D :D :D



I would like to see submarines, auxiliary cruisers and cargo ships to recreate convoy and raider missions.

For example:
- Auxiliary cruiser Kormoran (HSK-8)
- Auxiliary cruiser Thor (HSK-4)
- U-boat U-331 (Type VIIC)
- U-boat U-255 (Type VIIC)
- U-bot U-103 (Type IXB)
- HMS Ark Royal (91)
- HMS Arethusa (26)
- Auxiliary cruiser HMS Voltaire
- Light cruiser HMS Galatea (71)
and Flower corvettes, Liberty cargo ships, T2 tankers...


HMS Belfast
HMS Sheffield
HMS Jamaica
HMS Norfolk
Generic British 'H' / 'I' class destroyer
Some random British auxiliary cruiser
Some random German auxiliary cruiser
Type VII U-boat
'S' or 'U' class British submarine

Most of that is for the Battle of North Cape, though some of the British ships would also be useful for Mediterranean games. The destroyers along with the German destroyers already in production mean you get to play the Battle of Narvik.

Auxiliary cruisers were converted freighters, and German ones in particular were disguised to make them look like harmless freighters. So when they're not being used as auxiliary cruisers, they can be put into convoys and used as freighters. :) (Possible convoy scenario - the British player has one auxiliary cruiser and doesn't tell the German player which ship it is until it starts opening fire. The fact that one ship is heading towards the German raider while everything else is trying to run away might be a clue...)


Good lists guys, and good call on Submarines I hadnt even given that a moments thought actually, I have the Wizards T-Class, but would love to see a U-Class, Mongoose would make them really nice.

I wonder, because I wanted to add a British Merchantman to that list but could not find what I was looking for on Google :oops: :lol: Was there such a thing as an "Empire Ship"? Or, I believe the other sort I was trying to find was a CAM ship. But something like that would be awesome for scenarios.

Cheers guys :D :D :D



There were indeed Empire ships:

Most were built for the Ministry of War Transport to various specifications. Others were acquired by various other means, including the German ship Hannover which was captured, became Empire Audacity, and subsequently the escort carrier HMS Audacity.

A CAM ship was basically an otherwise normal merchant ship with a catapult and a Hurricane fighter stuck onto the bow. If Mongoose produce that, they'll need to produce a model of the Hurricane to depict the aircraft after it has been launched. And then they'll need the Focke Wulf Fw 200 "Condor", the reason for the existence of the CAM ships. :)

I'd like to see some sort of rules for a raiding campaign, possibly similar to the "Campaign of Terror" rules in B5:ACTA. Whether abstractly or plotted on an actual map, the German player needs to hunt for merchants and the British player needs to hunt for the German ship.


Dammit I looked there Adrian. :lol:

Cheers mate for that, I knew they were there because I distinctly remember playing an online campaign using them. But as usual I start second guessing myself because of my grade 3er naval knowledge. :oops: :wink: :lol:

Condors!!! NICE!!! 8)

Mongoose....you go son!!! :lol: :D :D :D



Well, since the last wave helped to flesh out some of the atlantic forces I vote for the Norwegian campaign. So my wishlist would be:

HMS Warspite
HMS Renown
HMS Ark Royal
HMS Glorious
Blackburn Skua's
G- and H class destroyers
A- class destroyers

Köningsberg class light cruisers
1934A class destroyers
1936 class destroyers
Torpedo boats
Junkers Ju 88
Heinkel He 111

That should be enough to be able to play all phases of operation Weserübung :D

Old Sea Dog

As an experienced naval war gamer of many campaigns I have to say I'm really enjoying Victory at Sea. It's simple and uncomplicated, very straight forward, yet provides you with a fairly realistic experience of naval tactics with reasonable historic accuracy. I was glad to see a new navy added, the Dutch, as well as other historically significant vessels. Here is my list of ships I would like to see added to the game:

HMS Hawkins class cruiser
HMS Roberts class monitor
HMS Abdiel class minelayer
USS Wyoming class battleship
USS Texas class battleship
USS Maryland class battleship
USS Alaska class battle cruiser
US TE, GMT, or WGT classes of DE
USS Erie class gunboat
IJN Fuso class battleship
IJN Ise class battleship
French Bretagne class battleship
French Corbett class battleship
French Dunkerque class battle cruisers
French Bearn class aircraft carrier
French Surcouf class submarine
Italian Giussano class cruiser
Italian Cadorna class cruiser
Italian Montecuccoli class cruiser
Dutch Tromp class cruiser
Dutch KXIV class submarine
Dutch Flores class gunboat

Old Sea Dog

Graf Zeppelin provides the opportunity for some interesting alternate history scenarios. Aquila should be included as well.


Old Sea Dog said:
Graf Zeppelin provides the opportunity for some interesting alternate history scenarios. Aquila should be included as well.

Nice lists guys keep them coming, I think if we do this then perhaps the modelling team may be able to see more clearly which units players would most like to see.

Great call on Graf Zeppelin!!! :D :D :D

I reckon a great proportion of us like to play both Historical and "What if" scenarios, so these sort of units, I think, are very sought after. But perhaps not at the cost of the historical lists.

On the "What if" list it would be HMS Lion, HMS Vanguard (although HMS Vanguard was launched late in the war so would probably be on the historical list). But most certainly HMS Malta (Malta Class Fleet Carrier) would be high on my "What if" wish list.

Cheers guys :D :D :D