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With reference to the Shadakine Warrior of 'Grey Star The Wizard', why does this character have white eyes? Is this significant, or what? I cannot recall the reason, having read this book way back in '85....

Blue Crane
Yeah, I think the initial belief(maybe even in the RPG book, don't know) is that they have white-eyes, but the Shadakine warriors are different than the Wytches. They seem to be like those Kalte Ice Barbarians that had no irises due to Vonotar's mind control bands(maybe that was just an illustration?)

And Tanith is supposedly a Shadakine, ethnically, but does not have the same eyes. I can only assume the warriors are that way due to magic mind-control.
From the RPG I get the impression that the Wytches are Shadakine, but the warriors are from the Sadi desert and a different racial group.
another forum said the shadakine could see in the dark, could this be related?
Yep. In War of the Wizards, it's revealed that the reason the Shadaki have pupilless eyes is that they can see in the dark (or vice versa). It's also mentioned earlier in the Grey Star series that the Shadaki all have the same eyes. It seems to be a racial thing.

We discussed this for ages; there's a thread about it over on Tower of the Sun too. Some people dedided that it was a gift to loyal warriors from Shasarak or his Wytches, while others (such as, and possibly limited to, myself) prefer to think of it as a racial trait. I can't search for the thread right now, but its title is "Shadaki Night Vision?"

I just think it's a cool thing to have. It makes Shadaki very dangerous at night, and goes some way towards explaining why their pirates are particularly dangerous. Nobody else can make as effective night raids at sea without magical aid.
yeah, shadaki darkvision is a good idea as a racial trait!
in my current campaign i used it as with the elite idea in mind, so i got two renegade eilites running from shasarak's finest. brought the group together easier, and considering even the sommerlending knight and brotherhood wizard in my campaign are known to be cutthroats (especially the wizard, literally) it really ties the group together, for some reason its easier to like someone when your running from the law with them
Byakugan has no sensical english translation in the context it's used here. It's a reference to a wierd kind of Eye Magic in an anime called "Naruto".

The bearers of the Byakugan don't have pupils, and they can see in nearly 360 degrees and even through darkness and other objects. They can also see enemies internal organs and weak points. It's a pretty powerful genetic legacy.