which is your favourite dredd supplement

Where to start?

As mentioned elsewhere, yes the type of game your playing is important.

Criminal Organisations - Firstly because I run a perp game. Otherwise it opens up new areas of the dredd game, MC-1 and can create a good stablised enviroment for a Judge or Citizen game. The new variations on Skills are great, and the additional prestige classes sublime.

Next Up - Crazes - Probably the best all round book, this gives such a flavour to MC-1s Citizens and their pastimes that its begging for a sequal. Inclusion of some ingame rules for the past times of Surfing and Shuggy, as well as some new kit and prestige classes make this a great book.

Those two are my top of the class books, and are closely followed by Block Wars, Justice Dept and Psi talent.

Brit City was of limited use, but is worth it for some of the prestige classes and has spawned some nice new ideas for Judge Dredd (including a Game Show called You've Been Maimed and And Celebrity Homeless Hunt.....

Most Wanted was a bit disappointing though I have dropped Dredd and Anderson in, I expect that I'll never need the stats. Some nice bits of gear in there mind.
thanks guys am thinking about more a perp game if I am being honest so thank you for your views has anyone else got a view they woul like too share?
The Mob Source book for Crime Scene from Hogshead is very useful for NPCs and maybe later on lesser PCs (ie gang members and general hoods) as it has a much simplier system of criminal income and gang business...

In the end I went for a more Mafia based campaign, as it allowed a kind of rigidity. I also ripped off characters from just about every gangster movie or series (the Sopranos is very handy) my players had seen.

Try to include a lot of NPC Mobsters, and reuse settings, and try to keep to one sector and create a list of blocks, along with what gang controls what block etc... This saves a lot of time later on. Also it enables you to know exactly where your players live.....

I currently use it to work out individual members incomes, and the the Criminal Org book to calculate the bosses income. Also it covers some other sources of income not listed in the Criminal Organisations book, such as prostitution and arms smuggling - and has some additional feats and some very useful new skills.

The Additional Download from Street Sim site, had a list of illegal drugs in Britcity (and thus Megacity) along with some prices.
I just picked up the books recently and am looking forward to being able to start a Judge campaign soon. Having never GM'd before, I will be picking up the ready made adventures (4 of them) and might even run the pre-full eagle day adventure that I found on DreddTimes.com. I will be picking up the guide to the justice department and the RG Crazes book as they seem the best to get me started.

Other than that, if anyone has links to custom stuff for the rpg, please post them so we can all benefit. I tried to look at Street Sim website but it's not active. Is there anywhere else to get that additional info?
I felt like that when I first logged on here...

And in a board so quiet, we tend to be reluctant to post things in case the reason its so quiet is because it isn't meant to be for things like the thing you are about to post.

Did that make sense?

Maybe its time I started that "101 Crime Blitzes" thread.
please do my whats your favourite threads are there too do just that also check out the main board for some news on a miniature game based on judge dredd 8) so keep posting and if anyone else has a must have supplement please tell us all
Mayhem - I love the "101 Crime Blitzes" post, and once I get home I might try and come up with a few of my own. I didn't want to post comments on the post as it works best with just apartment details. Great idea though!

Toothill Man - I did notice the thread about the new miniature game coming in September 2004. I'm really excited about it. Even it I don't get on with the game (I'm sure I will) it'll still be great to get hold of a bunch of figures and such.

Other possabilities include "101 Background Radio reports" - you know, all those interesting details of events happening in other parts of the city, that the players may not be able to get to but that make the place seem alive.

Who can forget the classic "All judges, be on the lookout for a man in a rhino suit."?
How about:

"Be on the lookout for two fatties known as the Two Fat Ladies, wanted for running a bingo syndicate."

"Judges in the vicinity of the Steven MacWeen Block, proceed with caution and look out for falling perps. The block is suffering from Lemming Fever."