where'd companion thread go?

Very naughty! Maybe some bug went yappering his mandibles a bit too loud, voicing subjective opinions about RQ2/3 being a better system, and other forbidden viewpoints?.

well...those beetles do have a taste for discussing what had been perfectly palatable food until the uz got hold of it and made it not entirely edible before feeding it to them.

They click their legs. They jitter their mandibles. The uz squash them.
I'm pretty much disgusted with the heavy handed moderating. Not much point in typing anything.

No more Mongoose products for me!

If more effort was put into getting the erratta sorted than policing the threads, everyone would be happier :cry:
Funny thing is I was part way through reading the thread, had to tab out as the Boss was checking I wasn't surfing and was actually working :oops: , by the time I could tab back in the thread had gone.

Seemed to be a pretty robust discussion about the exact meaning of the term 'broken' that has upset folk, I didn't think it had become overly personal, but I was still about two pages from the end of the thread so it could have deteriorated.

It didn't really deteriate, it was quite sane and civil to the bitter end...

May stormbull protect this thread from the devouring pangs of the mother Maw....

Strange how my players are Krashtkids-phobes

It happened again?

I would like to add my support to those who've suggested that offensive threads be closed with the offensive posts appropriately edited.
I'ld prefer if the moderator would step in and caution us on the thread if it gets near to the knuckle... So many useful bits and pieces have vanished in to the ether...

Oh well its there forum...

We're just the punters.
Better take a copy of the RQ Monsters thread. As soon as anyone criticises the book it'll be down faster than a whore's drawers! :roll:

This is really beginning to piss me off now! :x

Somebody tell me again why I should pick up the Companion and RoC tonight, when I'm not even allowed to discuss it on these boards for fear of getting the thread pulled.

Perhaps if I don't like it in future I'll just go onto RPG.NET and tell everyone about it on there instead.

You're really not making any friends here Mongoose!
I tell you, y'all don't know heavy handed moderation. If you think what Mongoose does here is heavy handed, I fear for your fragile shells on other sites. :)

That companion thread needed to go. There were two different discussion forks between me and another guy, one of which contained insulting content and both of which I had to back out of because they were going NOWHERE and someone had to take the upper hand, so to speak.

And no, before anyone even thinks it, I did not contact Mongoose about the thread -- I was happy to let it die a normal death, but I'm just as OK with it being pulled.

And you know, it amazes me that on one hand we (the proverbial we, not anyone in particular) can hammer Mongoose for the problems in RuneQuest, demand errata and a fixed version, expect that all of the RuneQuest supplements will be on our doorstep tomorrow, AND expect them to monitor the forums censoring individual posts and explaining why.

There are only so many hours in the day.

I'd much rather the folks at Mongoose spend their time fixing MRQ, working up a decent errata, and finishing new MRQ products than diddling around on the forums scolding users like some third-grade teacher.