Where are the other maps in Road of Kings?

I got Road of Kings a couple of days ago. I must say it is quite well written with lots of details (especially as they relate to the different works of Conan authors).

I do have the sneaking suspicion though that the map(s) of Zingara and Argos (maybe the Pictish wilderness and even Nordheimer?) were left out.

For Nordheimer and the Pictish wilderness I can understand since they are mostly wild areas, but Argos and Zingara are settled and the descriptions of them tell of cities and landmarks that aren't on the BIG map on the inside covers of the books.

Where are these maps? I have read that they aren't even in the Pirate Isles book (though I don't have that one yet). I kind of thought maybe they'd put them in there, but they obviously aren't.

Did the map making artist do more maps? Why haven't these been posted yet? They are gorgeous and very well detailed.

Pretty please, can we have these maps?
We noticed this, to our dismay, in our campaign as well. It's a bit annoying, since the campaign has moved into Argos and we don't know where to put the landmarks.

The rest of the product is indeed top notch and the exclusion of these maps is an unfortunate (if forgivable) oversight.

Any chance that these maps might be put online somehow?

I know for a fact that a Pict supplement is planned, so I'd bet that the appropriately detailed maps will be in there.