When will we see the Magnamund Magic source book?



And August, any idea whene we're gonna see the Magic of Magnamund anytime soon? Are we going to see improved Art? I love the books but not so much the art. If you guys got a stellar artist signed on I would love it! I'd buy every book on Lone Wolf you put out.

Btw, how well is Lone Wolf selling? I think us fans would love to know if our fav. world is selling.

I'm moving soon to an area where there is no RPG shop and not many players..I am sad that I have to abandon my game i started with out even developing it...
It was stated that Lone Wolf is going to be reprinted soon, so I guess it's selling well. I think Magic of Magnamund was originally slated for November.
Yeah, I think Matt said November which should make it early December (woo just in time for christmas!)

elSpike out.
Looks like November:

Lone Wolf RPG: The Magic of Magnamund $21.95
This second supplement for the Lone Wolf roleplaying game details the magics and sorcery of Magnmund.

Also -
Doomwolves $12.95
Lone Wolf 30mm miniatures.

Helghast $9.95
Lone Wolf 30mm miniatures.