when is Wild West going to the printers....

<<Apparently, it has just arrived at our warehouse - awaiting confirmation>>

My fingers are crossed that the book has arrived! Could you let us know if that is actually the case?
I got my copy of OGL Wild West on Friday and have only had a chance to flip through it, it looks exactly for what I have been looking for!

Thank you Mongoose Publishing and everyone who worked on it!

Now, is it me or does Wild West get a lot more posts than Steampunk and the others?

I just got it and it is VERY COOL. I love the way wounds are used. The Mongoose Folks told me that the Character Sheet will be online ASAP. I can't wait, I want to roll up some characters.
I got my copy last night. Looking through it a bit, it looks pretty cool.

Glad to see that there are indeed character sheets included. That was a major oversight in OGL Steampunk.
Quick question: for playtest copies of this, Paranoia and the Conan Atlantean Edition, should I be contacting Rich Neal again?

I have been e-mailing Mark Humphries (without much success). Old Bear suggested that was the correct guy to go to concerning playtest copies.

Who is our playtest copy contact?