What was your introduction to Conan?

What was your first introduction to Conan?

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  • The Cartoon (Conan the Adventurer)

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Old Bear

Johannixx said:
Mongoose Old Bear said:
Mine was my dad's copy of Conan the Wanderer (I think it was either released through Sphere or Ace). Can't remember which particular stories it contained but the one that stood out was the story of the ghouls of Yanaider. What with Olgerd Vladislav and Gotarza, it made an impact that i've never forgotten.

I have that one. The story was called "The Flame Knife" and was a DeCamp-altered Howard story that originally was called "Three Bladed Doom" and had nothing to do with Conan ;) I believe that one also had "The Devil in Iron" as well, which was a great story. Note that the Conan RPG book had stats for the meteor-forged Yuetshi knife that Conan used to slay Khosatral Khel, but no stats for Khosatral Khel himself :(

Khosatral shows up in Scrolls of Skelos, fear not.


BhilJhoanz said:
I remember seeing the non-TV version of the movie a few years ago and being surprised by all the nudity since I had absolutely no recollection of it from before -- Thulsa Doom's head getting cut off in Slo-Mo, however . . .

That's modern morals for you. :?