What maps do we want in the Return to the Road of Kings?

What maps do we want in the Return to the Road of Kings?

  • The dispari produced maps that have been previewed

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  • Vincent Darlage's maps

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I would like every poster on this board to let Mongoose staff know what we want in regards to maps of Hyboria in their published products.

We have recently been given a preview of maps made by the poster dispari that are supposed to to be the maps in the upcoming Return to the Road of kings.

Link: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=354591

We have also been given a view of some of the maps Vincent Darlage, the prolific and well renowned writer of most of the games source books, has designed, based on the research of Dale Rippke, a leader in the field of Hyborian research.

(posted on Thulsa's award winning Conan RPG site)


If you are not already well versed in these issues, please look at the following threads on this forum and consider wisely before you vote.

I would like mongoose to see the reasoned and honest opinion of their most dedicated fans who are eager to pay for the quality we demand.

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Feel free to elaborate on your choice in this thread and address your opinions on the cartography of Hyboria here.

Teflon Billy

I'd like a map with a properly located Zamboula on it.

All else being equal, my instinct is to go with Darlage's work...the guy consistently delivers.


I can not help feeling sympathy for Mathew and the rest of the Mongoose team who put a tremendous amount of effort into bringing out the many products of all their lines of RPGs and wargames only to find themselves being pulled up time and time again over the quality of the maps. I believe Mongoose produces the best product that they are able to and on the whole I am very satisfied with those products. The Conan line from Mongoose is far far better than any of the previous attempts by gaming companies to bring out a game based on the setting, the old DnD and gurps versions are laughable in comparison.


I totally agree that overall, mongoose has done a great job and this is a wonderful game.

But I don't think those of us who want more accurate maps are asking too much.

Vincent is responsible for most of the material for this excellent game, and he has written almost all of the regional source books with a very professional respect for the cannon.

Mongoose owes a great deal to his work for the success of the game, the sales of their books, and the loyalty for their fans.

There is no reason they should not be taking his excellent advice regarding maps and ensure that they reflect what the texts they have paid him to write.

Vincent has already noted that the map that has been previewed has big discrepancies from what he wrote about Hyboria in the Return to the Road of Kings. I think it would be a great shame if they publish a map that the author is unhappy with.

I don' see why we cannot ask for this level of professionalism without showing disrespect for a great game company that has given us the best Conan game anyone has ever seen. I certainly mean no disrespect by pushing this issue. On the contrary, I respect the mongoose staff enough to expect they can take such earnest feedback from their fans in a constructive light and use it to make their great game all the more successful.