what is your favourite slaine supplement?

toothill man

apart from the main book is there a bit of the epic campain which stood out or maybe a tribe guide is your favourite would love to hear from you?
Don't have much for it, I only have the main book, the campaign books & the Finian Clan-book.
I would say my favourite has to be the campaign books at the mo, if singling down to a single book, probably the first, but that's because I emphasise low-level play.
Out of left field with a spin ball, but I'd say the best suppliment for Slaine is Tir Na Nog and then the Horned God campaign.

Tir Na Nog give enough information to actually get a game going, and to incorporate some of the more nasties of Slaines World - the Midguard, Skull Swords, Feg and several supernatural nasties are included, along with enough details on the tribes to include them (the tribe books are nice, but not really all that necessary).

Still it needs a guide to the villianous creatures (Els, Formorians etc...)
Guest was me by the way... For some reason I completely forgot Tir Nan Og (haven't played since last Summer) - I actually change my vote to this nice little book. Horned God coming close second.
I really think the Fir Domain is the best supplement for Slaine so far - its well written, with a solid and consistent theme, great (new) illustrations, and well thought-out character concepts. I highly recommend it - its also a great adjunct if you are playing the Moon Sow campaign.
thank you DeeBee of the clan books it is a favourite but do also have a soft spot for the epic campain too has anyone else got a favourite supplement for slaine and why?
Best supplement for the Slaine-rpg?
Definitely the Tir Na Nog-book for the obvious reasons that it gives a lot of useful info on clans,opponents and even relations between the tribes.
If i have to be totally subjective and allow my feelings for the different tribes get in the way of a solid opinion based on objective matters i'd have to say the sessair- and falian-sourcebooks.
My favourite product has to be Tir Nan Og, because of the extra background info especially on the Drunelands which I'm relying on until a more detailed product comes out <hint>.