What is the storyline of the Lone Wolf RPG



I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the storyline of the LoneWolf RPG. I have seen the old Citadel figures for the game?


Well you can read the description text at http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/core/detail.php?qsID=357&qsSeries=Core.

Here's an excerpt that might answer your question :

  • The Lone Wolf Campaign
    The setting for the Lone Wolf, Adventures in Magnamund roleplaying game takes place fifty years before the events in Flight From the Dark, the first Lone Wolf game book. The Kai Monastery is at the height of its power, not crumbled and burned at the hands of a traitor to the order. The kingdom of Sommerlund is a mighty nation, secure in its power as the grandest nation on Magnamund. The Darklords of Helgedad plot and conspire in the shadows, too fearful to strike overtly outside their borders but still the black-hearted masters of all that dwell within their realm.

    This then is the highest point of Lone Wolf roleplaying- the many powers of the land are the strongest they have ever been and while there is a fragile peace on Magnamund, tiny wars and border skirmishes occur constantly. The agents of evil do not move openly, but they are everywhere and watch with shadowed eyes the actions of great heroes of the realm. There is the feeling everywhere of an axe about to fall. Tensions are high, and though it will take fifty years for open conflict to sweep over the land, opportunities abound for heroes to either make a name for themselves or die a cold, lonely death…
If you want to know more about Lone Wolf, check out http://www.projectaon.org/ which offers the first 15 books of the serie in full text with the approval of the author Joe Dever.

Hope that helps.