What is happening with UK distribution????


Recently on the forums people have p[osted that they are in posession of Earth Force minis, and the new Ships of the Galaxy and Ship Builder's manuals.

I've been watching the Esdevium lists like a hawk over here and haven't seen these anywhere.

I hope they are on next week's list otr I'll be getting worried :lol:

I'd like to know what's happening too. It seems that certain locations in Europe get their copies a month b4 everyone else. :? :x

Despite Matt's assertion to me that he didn't know why it was happening and that it was likely the result of an over eager distributor, ShadowScout always seems get his books early, and that's far too often to be a one-time fluke caused by one guy accidently sending out an order early.
As far as my FLGS the Ship Builders Guide and the Ships of the Galaxy haven't been released here in the states at this time.