What about your own campaign


Hello :)

What are you playing as campaign for babylon 5.

Say us more about your story, when it take place, where, etc... :) :) :)
Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to run B5 since it first came out. I only had 2 players interested at the time, and RL issues stopped the game.

But i had been running the Fiery Trial module with a couple stories of my own.
We've been playing Fiery Trial interspersed with bits of the GM's personal madness.

I've enjoyed the Fiery Trial stuff. If I'm real lucky we might survive the other stuff....
How do I even begin to describe my PBEM campaign or the Thursday evening sessions?

In the PBEM game everyone has the oppertunity to go their own way, Sometimes I pick up some of the PC's background and work with it. Others, the player posts what they want thier PC to do and things take off.

In the first case, I have an ongoing story line which focuses on finding a PC's wife and daughter who were reported missing near the end of the Minbari war. I think this thread has involved many other PCs as well.

In the second case we have a PC who hires out as a merc pilot to protect civilian freighters by using his Delta fighter on an external link to the freighter. He named such pilots "outriders". One adventure his freighter found a missing friighter and tried to salvage it. Things didn't go well as a lagre shadowy like creature attacked the salvage party and was destroied as it tried to cross between the two freighthes.

In both games I set up a security company with an office on B5 as a way to get diverse PCs to work together.

I think that my players would be best to say what the like and dislike as well as describing the game from their PC's point of view.

I am planning several campaigns so I can both play and GM.

an EarthForce campaign is one of my favorite ideas. I twill center around four to six players. each character will be an officer on an EA Starship. their starting level will depend on their position on the crew. I am thinking of an Oracle class scout because that would allow the use of people to play classes other than Officer since a Scientist or two could be useful, possibly even a PsiCorp rep on loan to the ship. The Captain would have to be an Officer-8, an XO could be an Officer-6, an other characters would start at 4th level.

I would also like to Play a Ranger campaign.
Well I'm planning to run Fiery Trial at my local FLGS and I'm in Msprange's Anger of the Righteous on these forums. That'll be kicking off on the 4th.

Hello, all!

I'm currently GMing a B5 campaign running concurrently with the original series. The PCs are, for lack of a better term, the "supporting heroes" that never got any airtime during the show. 8) More on that later.

We started with Season One (half "originial episodes" and half being The Firey Trial) in late January 2258, and have moved on to (nearly) the end of Season Two, about late September/early November 2259. I'm planning on running the game at least through Season Four (end of 2261) but it may go a bit further.

We've played roughly eight "episodes" per season, with each episode being a single six-hour session, each wrapping up a main story and continuing and/or resolving sub-plots for each of the seven main characters. Naturally, as of the end of Season Two, some of these sub-plots are starting to lead back into the main story.

The characters include:
- Lt. Commander Nikolai Romanov: He's an EarthForce Officer (fleet) stationed aboard B5 as the "sector liason" and handles all the inter-fleet communication and coordination between B5 and the rest of the fleet. Okay, mostly, he's a traffic cop and handles the night shift in C&C, but he's gotten a lot of field time off station as well. He's recently run afoul of Psi-Corps after helping his niece (a recently awakened telepath) escape the Earth Alliance with her fiance, and has made personal enemies with a Psi-Cop.

- Lt. Commander James MacGregor: He's an EarthForce Physician (a Scientist) and the head of MedLab Two on the station. He's a bit of a drunkard but a top-notch xenobiologist. His brother (like his father) is an Earth Alliance diplomat, and he's getting caught up in bad-ness happening back on Earth.

- Ni'Sha: A Narn soldier who started as a diplomatic courier and has now become the head of the Narn delegation's security on B5. He's been dealing with his people's hatred of the Centauri and seeing that a lot of the choices they've made have been less than moral. He seeks to change this.

- Octavio Jaddo: A Centauri merchant (an agent) whose got his <ahem> tentacles in all sorts of illegal dealings all over the station. He's bought his way into the nobility and, despite an earlier covert war with the Narn PC, come around to a more enlightened point of view. He's realized that the Centauri have done some pretty scummy things -- recently. He's become Ambassador Mollari's "go to" man for getting a lot of things of "questionable legality" accomplished.

- James Jones: An IPX xenoarchaelogist (a scientist) and specialist in interstellar law who has taken up residence on the station. He's done a variety of digs (the most recent episode got the other PCs involved in finding a Vorlon artifact in the Dorac system) and is doing some court-related work on the station.

- Lennon: A warrior-caste Minbari officer (fleet) who came to B5 as part of an "officer exchange program" set up by Shai Alyt Branmer before his death. He's worked closely with the EarthForce officers and become a close ally of Ambassador Delenn. He's seen her inherent honor and nobility, and has begun to question much about his caste after seeing their treatment of her following the beginning of Season Two. He is considering switching castes (and is likely to be recruited for the Rangers very soon).

- Ambrosius: A Technomage. He's joined the cast as of Season Two (replacing the player's former PC, a rogue telepath who basically started the underground railroad in Season One, then got exposed to an experimental virus, mutated uncontrollably a la Ironheart, and sacrificed himself at the end of Season One to save the rest of the PCs from a Shadow vessel). He is, essentially, the eyes and ears of the Technomages on B5. He's both an advisor to and a guardian of the rest of the group, and is combatting a group of Shadow servants (Morden was the only one we actually saw) in the style of a game of chess.

The PCs originally came together as the Babylon 5 Advisory Council's Special Investigative Team. Ostensibly, as representatives for the major governments of the Council, they were to provide follow-up investigations to unusual incidents, investigate threats to sector security, and submit unbiased reports on these events. The doctor and the IPX fella were recruited as scientific advisors, and the telepath as a "security specialist" (mostly thanks to some forged credentials). The first season was spent following up one one crisis after another (notably the Soul Hunter affair and the Deathwalker fiasco) and investigating the activities of one Roland Anderson (see the Firey Trial). The second season has seen them take a more proactive stance in heading off one crisis after another (including preventing a war between the Drazi and the Brakiri). Season Three should see them take the role of facilitators and agents of the Conspiracy of Light and field commanders in the Shadow War. It's quite possible that the EarthForce Officer might quit after the events of Severed Dreams and join the Rangers, while the doctor may be on his way to becoming a Servant of the Vorlons (!) :shock:

It should be a blast -- espcially the Season Three episdoe I have planned where they have to take out a Shadow shipyard and find out what a Shadow encounter suit is like. :twisted:

Well, I hope you are all having as much fun as we are! :D
Hey Clansman,

Your campaign sounds pretty cool! Please post update periodically. I'd be interested in seeing how your campaign progresses.
I am running a game with 2 Minbari and 2 Narn. at present they are simply getting to know their characters, in between running the Fiery Trail I am putting in my own adventures (so far they have been responsible for G'Kar gaining the information that Londo was sent from the Centauri government regarding Ragash 3 and for bringing the Shadows on board Babylon 5, they will also soon be responsible for finding the Eye which of course has a few consequences for the Narn people :D
The real campaign doesn't start until they reach year two. Here it will start when they will be shot down by a Shadow Vessal while travelling in a Drazi ship back from a mission inside Centauri Space. They will crash land on a planet which has been devastated by a nuclear war.
The war was started by some Minbari which had went over to the side of the Shadows, they announced their presence just as the Shadows were driven from Z'ah'dum, fearing for their lives they sought refuge on a world who's technology was roughly equal to that of earth in the 1980's. They decided that it would be best to rid this world of the natural inhabitants and establish themselves as rulers, hence they started the war that almost wiped out the population of the planet. Unfortunately for them, they world was then discovered by the Centauri. The Minbari and the Centauri made a secret alliance (information and limited technology exchanges involving a few noble houses) which allowed the Minbari to remain there in secret. The Centauri then transported Narn slaves to this world to work in the radioactive mines.
In the beginning, it will be necessary for the PC's to survive in the nuclear deserts and make alliances with the local tribes. As they do this they will discover that both the Minbari 'Masters' and the Narn 'slaves' are not unknown to them. This should lead them to discover that there are Narn slaves there. However, over a century of slavery and exposure to the radiation had almost wiped out the Narn population, fortunately for the Centauri, the new war with Narn has given them a new source of slaves. It will be up to the PC's to free these Narns and lead them in revolt against the Centauri. At the same time they will need to discover the truth about the Minbari plans which, now that the Shadows are on the move, will involve reintegrating themselves into the Minbari home world and try and remove them from the war before it begins (the best way will of course to start the Minbari civil war).
The PC's will have to get off the planet and travel to Minbar to help in the fight against the Warrior cast and the exposure of these shadow corrupted Minbari.

It should keep them busy for a few years as well as keep them on their toes as to who is actually the real baddie…Centauri, Minbari, Drakh or Shadow?