Well I'm impressed.

So I was browsing my local game store a few weeks ago and there it was, just sitting on the shelf there, the Lone Wolf RPG main book. I stood, stunned, trying to figure out why this perfect bundle of obscure adolescent nostalgia was available. After recovering from my stupor I leapt to grap the book (almost body-checking some poor sap browsing the Monster Manual 8, or whatever incarnation they are up to now.) After briefly flipping through the book I sighed heavily and put it back. Having been burned by so many terrible adaptations of things I love into games I assumed that this, like the others, would be a waste of time and money.

Fortunately this mediocre and probably oft-repeated tale does not end there!

Wy wife, seeing the initial burst of joy radiating right out of my pores, decided to pick the book up for me for my birthday (because she's awesome.)

Now that I've gotten a chance to read it I thank assorted higher powers that this book did not slip through my fingers. Everything I read in it fills me with joy. The setting and themes are preserved wonderfully, and the system!

Let me say this, I am a system junkie. A rules lawyer of the highest order. Nothing short of nigh encyclopedic knowledge of the rules of any given game will do for me. I love to learn new systems, adapt old ones, tweak them, bend them, massage them, abuse them, and break them over my knee like rotten cordwood. A well put together combat system is like a juicy orange to me, a new rules exploit is like sweet, sweet candy.

Only to be rooted out or house-ruled... mostly. ;)

But this system is fantastic! Combining some of the skills, Yay! Feats built into classes, Yay! Diverse classes that actually have distinct paths within them, Yay! A tighter, more interesting magic system, Yay!

So in closing (and for those of you who did me the honor of opening this topic, but spared themselves the entire length and breadth of this mildly interesting fanboi diatribe) thank you for producing this! Thank you for making this game. Thank you for continuing to support it (two additional books so far, Yay!) Thank you for coming up with an interesting d20 mod instead of a book full of cookie cutter classes and feats. And, most of all, thank you for reproducing something great from my childhood without making it stinky.


P.S. in retrospect the subject title is a bit of and understatement. Oh well.
Brilliant, aint it?

I originally bought it for the nostalgia trip, and for the Gazetteer, but now that I've read it, and more or less already learned the rules (which are brilliantly simple), I'm getting involved in a game starting over at Tower of the Sun.

The new aspects are great. I especially love the classes such as the Dwarven Gunner and the Shadaki Bucaneer. I picked up the two supplements too, and they're well worth getting. I especially like both classes from Dessi.

Be sure to let us know your opinions on the supplements when you get 'em. :) And isn't the dwarven gunner a great class in of itself? I never really went for guns in fantasy rpgs, but this class is great!