Weapon Bonuses To Parry ?

I think that it makes sense that certain weapons would grant a higher parry bonus. It seems logical that it would be easier to deflect a blow with a 2 handed sword than with a dagger, but the rules say different. Unfortunately these games are not always about what makes sense.
It could create an imbalance issue.
I may be a little biased (being a barbarian fan). But giving a parry bonus for different weapons would give soldiers a significant advantage vis-a-vi barbarians. Presumably most soldiers, in close quarters fighting, will be using heavy weapons. And these would probably be the weapons that you think should give the higher parry bonus.
In agree with your overall point, but I think at some point realism has to be compromised with game balance.
My overall point is that giving certain weapons a higher parry bonus might give a parry character an unfair edge over a dodge character.
One compramise might be to give certain armor types (lighter armor) a dodge bonus. But once you start tinkering with the rules, it’s hard to foresee the outcome on game balance.
Interesting topic though.
Anyone got any opinions on this?
The reason is possibly that while a it would be easier to deflect a blow with bigger weapon, it is also harder to get into position quick enough.

Big weapons block more, but don't get in the way so often.
Small weapons get in the way more, but don't block as well.

Seems to balance out to me...

One of the best parrying weapons made was the main gauche and that's only a little larger than a dagger.
I'm not too worried about upsetting game balance. I reckon that only being able to parry when you have a weapon/shield to hand against always being able to dodge is probably balance enough. If the only defence against ranged attacks is dodge that's another balance there.

I was thinking of medium sized weapons having good parry bonuses with smaller and larger ones being less effective. THen there are a few weapons that don't follow those rules, things like off hand weapons designed specifically for defence, certain pole arms, quarterstaffs (quarterstaves ?), etc.
What if you said that a light weapon has a -2 to parry a two handed weapon, and a two handed weapon also had a -2 to parry a light weapon? I used to play an RPG with a similar rule (Quest), and it seemed to make sense.

Quest also had a sweet table where you compared your attack rating to your opponent's dodge or parry (sound familiar?), rolled a d100, and that told you not only if you hit, but where you hit (head, weapon arm, right leg, etc.). You'd get a greater percent of head shots as your skill went up, for instance. If you opponent was more skilled than you, you'd hit less and most of your hits would be to the legs and arms.

That's what shields are for. Every character has to decide what he wants to do with his off-hand. He can THF for high AP and forcing massive damage, he can TWF for higher potential max damage per round, or he can Sword 'n Board for higher defence. Just look at Two Weapon Defence, it lets you gain a parry bonus from one of your weapons that is less than an equivalent shield bonus and it costs both a feat and one of your attacks per round to activate. That's balance. Start giving weapons a parry bonus and I guarante you will never see anything but a THF ever again.

Besides, Sword 'n Board needs all the love it can get :p
Hmm, I don't necessarily agree. I'd not give two handed weapons a high parry bonus (I presume thats what TWF means). Also I'm really looking at this for Lone Wolf rather than Conan so I don't need to worry about feats.