Wars RPG Released

On the Decipher Front:

The Card Game appears dead. Only 11 players showed up for the Worlds at GenCon and they moved next to no WARS product. But so what. Aaron Frede, myself, and a couple others from Decipher's RPG volunteers are working on a Living-esque campaign to debut at GenCon SoCal as of now.

Infinity Doctor: I think the ones you're missing are the two freighters. There should be pictures of all the rest. I'm guessing the FedGrav freighter is the Corporate Transport from the CCG. Perhaps the other is the Independant Transport. Again, this is a guess at best, but its worth a shot.

On Unarmed Combat:

Very viable. There are a number of implants and other stuff (see the Medic Class for starters) that make Unarmed combat much more viable if you're not a quay :).


Read the fiction, that's the best place to start. Should be linked still on the website. They have a great primer with a detailed timeline as well as several good stories.
Yep, after a more careful scan of the cards on the Decipher site, I did indeed find all of the ships apart from the two Freighters, I'll go with your suggestions, thanks.

I'm not surprised that there was a lack of interest in the WARS CCG, Decipher announced it was on hiatus, which wouldn't have helped.

That said though, Mongoose are responsible for the rpg, and they have a much better rep than old "At The Printers" Decipher rpg-wise, so I was a little surprised to find a severe lack of threads on the forum here.

I know our Game Store only carried one copy (which I bought), but surely more people must have picked it up??
Well the book has only been in stores a few days now. give it time, forum activity will pick up. I know I got the only copy that my preferred FLGS got in, and I didn't see any other copies in the other stores.

I haunted my FLGS all last week and no sighn of it. Hopefully soon, I've been dying seice last month!

Hello everyone. Sorry for my absense on this forum to date. I've been extremely busy with GenCon and prep prior to the show but that is the past and I'm now here to fully discuss WARS!

For those of you not in the know, I am the official Liason to Decipher / WARS RPG and the go to guy for questions regarding the line.

I own the first three books and they're all fantastic! Very shiney!

Well, that's my intro. Fire away!

- Stratos
You have Incursion and Battlefront too??

Actually, I'm waiting for Battlefront before I start planning my campaign proper. How much of the book is actually devoted to worlds of the Solar System??

And whats Soul and Steel going to be about? From the title, I'd hazard a guess that its more Kizen Powers and Cybernetics, but of course, it could be another adventure...

And while I have your attention, can you give us any hints about what we can expect beyond Soul and Steel??
Yes Bryan, but do you have the Bojo on speed dial :D.

Basically what I'm saying is if he can't get the answer out of Decipher, I can, usually :).
Oh, and I can also probably help with some plot related questions since I've read all the fiction and talked to some of D's designers.

Oh, and on another front, would anyone be interested in a WARS PBP/PBEM game?
dagent145 said:
Oh, and I can also probably help with some plot related questions since I've read all the fiction and talked to some of D's designers.

Oh, and on another front, would anyone be interested in a WARS PBP/PBEM game?

I mentioned the PBEM on the Decipher boards... I'm definitely into that. We could possibly play here too.

BTW: I've read all the fiction as well! :) And I'm slowly writing some official stuff too (slowly, as in the outline was submitted for approval and I'm waiting on that).

- Stratos
Hello guys, I finally got my copy of the book at a local store! :)
Haven't read much yet, but the artwork looks very nice and I really like the style of the universe.

I've been playing the Card Game for a month or two and it's quite interesting to see all the things from inside the eyes of an individual character.

Gonna check the basic rules and chapter about Character Creation now... :D
This game is the answer to folks who found GURPS TransHuman Space boring. It has all of the neato stuff, but it's an exciting, dynamic universe with aliens and space drives as well.

I picked up my copy last night (my FLGS only got the one in...) and I've been flipping through it. I wish there had been more illustrations from the cards, but that's okay- at $45, it's a big enough bite already. I do see that I'm going to have to get Battlefront, however. There's not enough detail about the Solar System in general, in the core book.

Players of the card game should hang on to their printouts from Decipher, BTW. Unless those illustrations are repeated in Battlefront, the resource document from Decipher had some outstanding ones- including a beautiful picture showing all the factions in a lineup with each other.

Rock on, Mongoose! 8)
Talon said:
Gonna check the basic rules and chapter about Character Creation now... :D
Indeed... reached about that point myself. Never seem to get enough time to sit down and read non-stop for long. I'm fine with everything so far... and I like the general layout of the book. I agree with other notes that more pictures from the cards would have been great, but that's a minor grumble.
I ordered mine over Amazon.com. Haven't recieved it yet.....even though I ordered it on August 1st. I have no idea why its taking so long (it said I'd have it in a month. Now it says it'll be here the 4th...of October). Oh well, just makes me want to get into these, how you say, RPGs, even more.

If anyone would mind just giving me some tips, as I've never played a pen 'n paper RPG before, they would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I just noticed that the clock on the msg board is set to a very far off place. Its 10:37 pm as I write this (and about 87 degrees to boot) here in Southern California.
8) I see that Wars has a massive damage save. Is it based on Con like d20 Modern?

Also see that Wars has rules for limb loss and organ damage. Is this similar to the rule in Starship Tropers?

Thanks. Dave2