Wafer Jacks, and a possible inconsistency.


The description of the Wafer Jack has some inconsistencies.

On Pg99, it states the TL12 Wafer Jack has "Total storage capacity of rating/4", and TL13 has "...rating/8".

However, in the description on Pg101, it mentions the TL12 wafer jack has "Computer/2", and does not mention the upgrade's capabilities. (Note, I don't think it needs to mention the upgrade; that's what the table is for.)

So, given that storage space is effectively unlimited past TL8 (Pg104), what does the Pg99 text mean?

And should it be consistent with Pg101? (Incidentally, MgTv1 rules match the text, not the table.)

Or does the Wafer Jack actually store up to Rating/4 (or 8 ) worth of programs, but always run them as a Computer/2, regardless of TL?
Got it.

I still wonder how we are meant to interpret the capabilities of a wafer jack though.

Do they all operate as Computer/2 for Expert programs only, and can hold either "4" or "8" factors worth of programs (that is, 2 or 4 "full size" expert programs) depending on tech level?

And is it intentional that the wafer jack is the same power computer at TL12 and TL13? I only ask because one of my players has a TL13 jack (Computer/4), and the v2 rules constitute a rules change. I just want to make sure it's intentional.

Note also, Data Wafers do not appear to have a listed capacity in the rules - is each one meant to be a single "unit" of storage, or do they also vary by TL?
Computers in general are an area I am looking at. This may be revised by the work being done on CSC.