vote for your favourite mini game

which mongoose mini system is the best?

  • Gangs of mega city one

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  • mighty armies

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  • bab5 call to arms

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toothill man

so which one floats your boat at the moment there are only a few choices but like the roleplaying one whan new lines come on line like SST will add them so happy voting and please tell us all why this is the best :D


Even though I don't play any of those games (yet!), I voted for ACTA, simply because it's the best supported game out of the three so far.


Aw heck...

Okay, it's between GoMC1 and ACTA for me... and I think GoMC1 is going to have to pip ACTA ever so slightly at the post because of the extra scope for converting miniatures, and modelling vehicles & scenery.

(of course, this poll will have to be rerun once SST is out... ;) )


I have to plump for GoMC1 I think (ACtA is not quite my cup of tea but then very few people like my tea...) but Dredd skirmish combat, that rocks!!!


ACTA. I loved B5W, but it was way too complex for large games. ACTA gives simplicity while still giving he flavour of the TV show. To make me really happy, they need to make the FA stuff available again (if only through mail order). I know you can buy it from the old AoG site, but the prices are a bit steep from there.....


Definitely Gangs - although apparently I'm in the minority here. It's the right scale, right environ, and pretty easy to play (whether demo or campaign). I own all three Minis games so far, Gangs is my Numero Uno but I'm really excited about SST.

SST all the way!

- Stratos


Most certainly Gangs of Mega City 1. If a certain lager manufacture made miniature games, they'd probably be like this.... Nice combination of RPG elements and battle gaming :wink:

SST looks like it'll be on my list... Provided I can find someone to be the MIs (I am bugs all the way...).

CTA doesn't appeal to me so much as I am not huge into B5, and don't really dig Ship based games.