Victory at Sea Pacific Video Game


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From our friends at Evil Twin Artworks:

It’s almost time for the Victory At Sea Pacific video game to begin its maiden voyage.

We can confirm the release date, price and launch discount for Victory At Sea Pacific, and it's soon!
The scariest part of the launch is hoping people will like it, you spend so long making a game, you lose track as to whether it’s any good or not! Thankfully the early feedback from press and YouTubers is overwhelming positive, they seem to get how big the game really is.

With great excitement we can confirm that Victory At Sea Pacific, will launch on the 14th of September. Priced at $39.99 USD, the game will launch with a 10% discount for one week.

You can add Victory At Sea Pacific to your Wishlist here.

We are still streaming live gameplay sessions with more Streams to come.

Tune in to the official stream here –