Very simple RQ character sheet


So, I took some time today, and created a very simple - no frills - look character sheet that tries to add most of what you need on two pages, and some more. It follows the basic layout I have used for character sheets in BRP games for years, so I know that it is a proven layout, if somewhat cramped for space in places. Use it if you want, or dont. There definetly are prettier looking character sheets available on this forum.
Though, suggestions and corrections are appreciated.

- Johan
GbajiTheDeceiver said:
That looks pretty good, I prefer the simpler approach myself. The grey might be a bit dark though.

Well, the grey is a bit too dark for ink printers, but perfect for laser printers. If I get a second on that issue, I can change it more to your preference.
Ok, I went ahead and changed it anyway. Just use the same link above, and you will get the new version, with a lighter grey.
Nice character sheet. I will download it and make it one of the players' choices should I actually get to run MRQ. Thanks. :)
andakitty said:
Nice character sheet. I will download it and make it one of the players' choices should I actually get to run MRQ. Thanks. :)

No problems. Options are always good.

I will eventually make an NPCs/Animal sheet in the same style, but much smaller in size, so that you as a GM can have them handy.
Might also make a squad sheet of some kind.
Time will tell...
I found a small error in the sheet, some text were not in the correct font. Updates it now. Will be available from the same link as before.
Mangus said:
Nice work Archer! 8)

Thank you.

Just wish I could have put something more useful than "equipment" in the middle of the second page. But there was nothing special in RQ that I know of that would be useful to put there. Most of the useful stuff (except spell-castiing) are on the front.
Many thanks, Archer. That one looks great and will definately come in handy during MRQ play :)
waiwode said:
That is a really nice sheet. Good job Archer.

:) Now can you leave some spaces for my house rules? :)


What kind of spaces do you have in mind?
I have left a space in the attribute section for eventual setting specific attributes, as well as a single space to add a setting specific basic skill, if need be.
Shadow Queen said:
Some how mine printed out green not grey

That is weird. Did you print it with an ink printer or a laser printer?

It might be that simple that the color profile you are using does not match the one I use (printers and monitors use color profiles to make the colors match).

A test would be to manually selecting to print the sheet in greyscale.

If someone else has printed the sheet and found this to be a problem, please let me know so that I can try to find if there are any problems with the sheet itself.