Vehicles of the Core

J Harper

Cosmic Mongoose
Prospector Surveyance Buggy

TL 12
Skill - Drive (wheeled)
Agility - +2 DM
Speed (Cruse) - Fast (High) Range 1050 km (1575 km)
Crew - 1
Passengers - 1
Hull -18
Armor - 4 Front/4 Sides/4 Rear
Shipping - 4 tons


Increased Fuel Capacity (+25% Range)
Fuel Efficiency (+50% Range)
Structural Reinforcement
Improved Communications
Improved Sensors with Mineral Detection Suite
Material Laboratory
Improved Control - Agility 1
Smart Wheels
1/2-ton Cargo Space

Cost - 13,348 Crd

A quick and durable vehicle designed for extended prospecting expeditions into outback territories and harsh hill country. Superior materials and redundant design allow it to traverse the roughest terrain with little wear. The seats are enlarged to allow some comfort for vacc suit wearers when the buggy is used in vacuum and trace atmospheres. The half-ton cargo space serves as storage for laser drills, supplies and shelter as well as for the transport of mineral samples.
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Sustineo Heavy Cargo Transport

TL - 9
Skill - Flying (Grav)
Agility - -1
Speed - High (Medium)
Range - 750 (1125)
Crew - 1
Passengers - 3
Cargo - 4 1/2 tons
Shipping - 11 tons
Hull - 30
Cost - 980,000 Credits

Armor - Front 2/Sides 2/Rear 2

Improved Control System +1
Reduced Speed -10%
Fuel Inefficient - 25%
Cheap Material Construction - Hull 25%

Autopilot Skill: 0
Comm Range: 500 km
Sensors: -
Camoflague: -
Stealth: -

There is an irony to the name the founders of Sustineo Gravitic Vehicles gave their company. Sustineo means 'enduring' in the ancient Solomoni language of Latin, but the products shipped from the company's manufactories are anything but. Case-in-point is the Sustineo Heavy Cargo Transport, the first vehicle the company ever produced and still their highest seller. The heavy cargo transport is notorious for being a sluggish, fuel-guzzling hog of a vehicle, constructed from inexpensive alloys and cut-rate circuitry. Its only modern conveniences are a surprisingly adequate control system and a basic autopilot which few teamsters of any experience trust to do more than fly a few kilometers in almost non-existent traffic. The Sustineo Heavy Cargo Transport's only saving grace is its relative affordability for a grav vehicle, making it an attractive buy for cash-strapped or fly-by-night organizations.
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Mercario Military Stealth G-Bike - Basic


Skill – Flyer (Grav)

Agility +5

Speed (Cruise) Fast (High)

Range 4500 (6725)

Crew 1

Passengers 0

Cargo -

Hull 7

Shipping 1.5 tons

Cost Cr228,202


Advanced Camouflage

Advanced Control System

Communications System (Advanced, Encrypted)

Fuel Efficiency 1 (+50% Range)

Improved Fire Control

Improved Navigation

Improved Sensors

Improved Stealth

Structural Reinforcement (+10% Hull)



Open Vehicle

Autopilot -

Communications Range 1000 km

Navigation +2 DM

Sensors (Electronics (sensors) +1 DM

Camouflage (Detection) -4 DM

Stealth (Electronics (sensors) -2 DM


Front 4
Sides 4
Back 4

Mercario Warcraft Designs is a military vehicle manufacturer specializing in reconnaissance, stealth, and light attack craft. Renowned for their quality, Mercario vehicles are highly sought after by mercenary companies and planetary militaries that can afford their expensive price points.

The Mercario Military Stealth G-Bike is a prime example of MWD's craft and quality. Speedy, range efficient, and incredibly agile, it sports cutting edge camouflage with adjustable holographic chromatics, a whisper quiet engine and excellent sensor baffling. While the basic g-bike can be purchased at customer request, its armed variants are more popular. The three most common variants are:

The Evader – A reconnaissance and courier vehicle, it is enhanced for increased swiftness with a speed band of Very Fast (Fast) and an average range of 6000 (9000) km. While it is armed with a light fixed mount auto cannon for defense, the Evader lacks the ammo reserves for extended combat. Cost cr282,150.

The Reaver – Slower than the Evader, the Reaver is designed for skirmishing and harassment roles. Also armed with a light auto cannon, it carries an ammunition reservoir and auto-reloader that holds up to 5000 rounds. Agile and durable, the Reaver can easily wipe out infantry squads caught in the open. Cost cr238,250.

The Evictor – Used to assist clearing out dug in infantry positions, the Evictor trades in the light autocannon for twin RAM grenade launchers with ammunition reservoir and auto-reloader, supplimented by a heavy laser rifle slaved to the g-bike's power source. Cost cr223,350.
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