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I'm currently working on building a campaign set a hundred years after the end of Masters of Darkness. The basic concept is thatLone Wolf finished the mission in the Darklands but never returned to Sommerland so both he's presumed dead and the Sommersword thought lost in the Darklands (finding it will probably be a major quest in the campaign). The main focus of the campaign will be a joint effort by surviving Nazadrim and a faction with in the Cener druids to revive Lord Vashna some thing that will probably come to pass with in the first few sessions. So the basic question is of course this any one have thoughts on the stats for Vashna himself? So far I'm debating the idea of playing with the stats of Archlord Zaragna(probably at the least adding several levels) but I thought I'd ask and see if any one has general thoughts on the campaign itself.
Sounds interesting, but why have you set it a hundred years after book 12? And is there a possibility to be a Kai Lord? If Lone Wolf never returned from the Darklands, how can there be a second order of the Kai? (Perhaps there isn't one in your campaign of course!)
from what i understand LoneWolf started rebuilding the monastary in the times between going to kalte and the sacrifice of ruanon. theres no reason the order wouldnt exist
he begins to rebuild the architecture of the monastery but it is stated that the first new pupils started to be accepted after LW reached the status of Grand Master (book 13 - year MS 5075) because he was too busy with his own studies and travels to be able to teach other people...
the thread is about vashna, so i like the thread, and asks about his stats, so i like it even more, aren't the schooled one going to answer? Unfortunately I'm not.
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There aren't any RPG stats given for Vashna. But if memory serves, his CS and EP scores are given in a newsletter, and they're about 1/6th better than Gnaag's. This should give you some idea of how tough he should be. But Vashna was not in the Darklands at this time, so you could probably pump him up to 1/4th as good or higher.

We know he can fly, and we know (according to the Legends) he had an axe called Gajikago as well as his dagger.

Ghost Bear said:
We know he can fly, and we know (according to the Legends) he had an axe called Gajikago as well as his dagger.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think his axe is also described in the Darklands book (along with the Dagger, but we all knew that).
The weapons listed in the Darklands supplement are:

Taaktal's Crystal Mace
the Dagger of Vashna
Kraagenskul's sword, Helshezag
Unc's Lightning Spear
Gnaag's sword Nadazgada
Zagarna's sword Nahrlzagrath
Dakushna's Nyras Sceptre

Gajikago isn't listed, although I'd probably put it around the power of Zagarna's sword.

I'm taking the concept that Lone Wolf had at least managed to start the kai lords before his dissapearance for prisoners of time. I'm setting it 100 years after master so it leaves a large ammount of time in which I can play with some of the world.
As the Book of the Magnakai AND the Lorestones of Nyxator would have been brought to Sommerlund before Lone Wolf sets off into the Darklands, I'd imagine it would be possible for a new order of Kai to arise even without his teachings.
The time setting also lets me draw on the later books for inspiration(since I haven't actually read later then Legacy of Vashna as yet). It also makes it more believable for one of the party members to take up the sommerswerd.
Lone Wolf had only begun teaching new students after the destruction of the Darklords, but as it's your campaign, there are any number of ways to get around this, as has been said. The Lorestones and the Book of the Magnakai had all been found (though the Lorestones would, at this point, still be empty--Lone Wolf didn't restore them until later), so there's that. It's possible that he managed to teach a student or two in the interim time, and that student could have served to rejuvenate the Kai. It is likewise possible that other Kai Lords survived beyond Lone Wolf, but were not present at the massacre on the Feast of Fehmarn (too remote in location, old and retired in a shack out in the Maakenmire, lost in the Daziarn, drunk and washed up in Ragadorn without any honor or courage, et cetera). These are all tried and true methods for circumventing canon.

As for Vashna… I wish I could help, but it would be mere speculation. It may be that the best bet is taking the stats listed for him in the newsletter and trying to extrapolate from that, or by asking Darklord Vashna over at Tower of the Sun (I rather liked that suggestion). That, or you can try asking the game designers themselves, though it may be a while before you get a response.
Please accept my apologies for only finding this post now but I will at least mention what I've got for Vashna so far. One thing I will mention is that I am DV from Tower of the Sun and due to the inspiration of a number of members at TOTS who are writing wonderful stories in the West Watch forum section I am genning up Darklord Vashna himself.

Ghost Bear said:
We know he can fly, and we know (according to the Legends) he had an axe called Gajikago as well as his dagger.


No way GB - he can fly....if there is anyway you can confirm this please let me know the source as I haven't seen that anywhere.

Anyhow, looking through the Darklands supplement the majority of the Darklords are Cultists/Dark Warriors. For Vashna I actually have him as a Breedmaster in between. So at the moment he's a 15th Lvl Dark Cultist/ 5th Lvl Breedmaster/ 5th Lvl Dark Warrior - thats a total level of 25.

Firstly, I've got him at a higher level than Zagarna since Vashna was the most powerful plus added the Breedmaster class mainly because he started the creation of Helghasts/Vordaks, etc. I merely stretched it a little more.

In addition, being a Breedmaster and having the Aegis of the Archlord he would have been a scary guy. Now the only thing I need to work on is possibly the fact that when he's ressurected he doesn't come back as powerful. So I was toying with the fact that he's only a 10th Lvl Cultist/5th Lvl Breedmaster and no levels in Dark Warrior.

On that note I also only have him being ressurected as per the section under the Dagger of Vashna - i.e needs the Dagger, a Vashna relic and the power of a sacrifice. In MS 5100+ I didn't think it plausible to have something like the Deathstaff.

Everyone's ideas are most welcome and as I detail him further I will be happy to post it here.

DV, who will post the completed stats and TSSF for Vashna over at TOTS when its a little more detailed.
First yes Vashna can fly. Dever said so in one of news letters(don't remember which Also as for how heres the basic plan I'm going with so far. The idea is that Naar learned his lesson from Barraka's failed attempt to resurect Vashna. An alliance of Nazadrim and Cener have managed to create a number of special daggers that can trap the life essense of any one ritually slain with it. They're ultamite goal is to culminate matters by releasing the souls into Maakengorge to feed Vashna. This combined with the magic of both groups and the intervention of Naar is what resurects him. Its main advantage(and the reason I'm going with it) is ultamitely its an undefeatable problem. They can't prevent one sacrafice or simply steal the dagger and thus prevent the entire matter. It also gives a good hook for beginning the campaign with the party staying at an inn over night as one guest after the other is assasinated.

Several adventures in(after finding a series of sacraficed bodies) they'll ultamitely meet Lone Wolf in the Darklands and together make a(failed) attempt at stopping the release of the souls. When this happens Lone Wolf(proves to be no more then a shade given the strength to return to help set events in motion) joins with the spirits of Sun Eagle and Ulnar I in holding Vashna from comming completely back into the world of the living buying the party the time it need to get out and find the lost sommerswerd(which will probably be in the darklands or dazaarin).
I'm still developing it the main campaign won't kick off for probably another month or so(a good freind of mine is running an AD&D 2nd Ed campaign at the moment so we're finishing that first). Any one who lives near NJ and is interested can also take part as I am running it during a series of conventions starting with Dex Con on July 13-17 both because I like running LW and to give it a first run.