Various Fact Book Questions


After reading though the Minbari and Centauri Fact Books I have found myself asking some questions:

1. Minbari Fact Book I: After reading the Minbari fact book and the Season 3 book, its appears that the Ranger is a far better Denn'Bok master than the Warrior Caste. At least in terms of damage? Should this be? Just wondering cause for me the Rangers aren't about combat (Neroon kicked Marcus' butt after all) but a combination of discplines in order to combat the shadows, only one of which is combat.

2. Minbari Fact Book II: The Sha'an PPG. Is it supposed to be a real Phased Plasma Gun or is more of a laser, ala the Minbari Hold-out thingy? It makes more sense, concidering that the equipment listed for the soldiers in the squad breakdowns is "laser pistol".

3. Minbari Fact Book III (Sorta): I am wondering, would a Ranger use some sort of ranged weapon? He has the Denn'bok but thats nigh useless in a firefight. I have been thinking about a Minbari Hold Out Laser as a possibility. Does this seem alright or does it offend "Ranger sensibility?". ;)

4. Centuari Fact Book I: The Kurago and Leartaen PPG's. Do they fire phased plasma bursts or is it ion bolts like the Guardsman's Rifle? From the discription (the Leartaen having enhanced particle coils or somesuch) that it is an ion weapon. If so, does that mean if follows the same rules as ion weapons in the Guardsman Rifle discription? EDIT: I partially ask this because in the series, the Leartaen fires blue bolts not standard PPG blasts like G'Kars multi-barrel PPG during the brief firefight when he is captured by Guardsmen while looking for Garabaldi. Looks like an Ion weapon to me...

5. Centauri Fact Book II: The Scarab and the Air Shuttle, which are pictured, don't seem to have been described in the Centauri book. Am I missing a page location? I know a scarab stat block is in the corebook, but I am interested in finding out where the Air Shuttle description can be found.

Another question, if you don't mind...

In the episode (the title escapes me at the moment) where Londo blows up the island of Selini, he has guards with SMG style energy weapons who kill the Shadows with Morden. Are those weapons in the Centauri book or are they going to be in a later book? I couldn't find them as I read through the weapon section of the Centauri book.