Travellers Needed - Marches Adventures 1 & 2


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Hello, fellow Travellers!

We are looking at updating both Marches Adventure 1: High and Dry and Marches Adventure 2: Mission to Mithril.

This will mainly be a graphical and art update but, while we are on the case, are there any changes to the text you would like to see?
Things to make the scenarios easier to run:
* An Index of some sort would be helpful - especially for characters, ships, and planets.
* Some publishers provide a contents listing of diagrams.
High and Dry hints that the Vargr on the planet accept being treated as second-class citizens. Might we get a more detailed explanation of why they're willing to accept that, given that they make up the majority of the population on Walston?
I think it'd be nice to see the UWP broken out in detail, perhaps below the world map, including data available in the Universe Creation section of the core rules such as temperature, gravity, factions, forbidden items, etc. The write-up and flavor text on Walston is fantastic but it'd be nice to have an at-a-glance breakdown, which could also serve as an example of how refs might use and structure that information for themselves.
This may just be me, but the guard dog that the former crew had abandoned at the ship in High and Dry. I'd like it to be a little more weird. The adventure was basically pitched as a solid introductory adventure for new players, so why not show off how weird the universe can get? As it is, it's just a coyote-looking dog. kinda standard. You don't have to update the stats, but as I'm sure a lot of Travellers end up adopting it rather than fighting it, why not give them a weird looking pet? Give it feathers instead of fur. or give it a beak and two tails. Make it resemble a miniature horse, but with paws and two rows of shark-like teeth. When i ran it, I made it a quadrupedal parrot, used its beak to crack walnuts for the crew. Intelligence of a Crow and the ability to get into mischief. Winning combination.