Traveller Release Schedule


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Hi everyone,

We have just updated the web site's release schedule, and there are plenty of goodies for Traveller - a few you have already heard about, and a few new ones seem to have crept in...


Ooh, I like the sound of a new adventure line set in Deneb. Should add value to my Behind the Claw book.

Multiple new adventure lines, no less. I'm looking forward to seeing what Seth S has done with Arcturus Station.

Can I ask what kind of content the Fifth Frontier book will be? I'm currently running a game involving espionage building up to the FFW, with the possibility of the PCs having a big impact on how the conflict unfolds, so I'm keen to get a sense of how much help that line will be to me if that's the thread my players decide to pull on. They may decide to go a different way (the deepnight mission, for one), but I'd like to know how much each path will involve me producing everything, vs mostly buying pre-written content...