Traveller Prime Directive: Next round playtesting


Cosmic Mongoose
Welcome Travellers of the Star Fleet Universe!
As life has its way of doing so, it has made progress on Traveller Prime Directive slower than I would like (we only have one person trying to herd cats).

But, we are looking to expand our play test team and we'd love to have you and your gaming group join us.

Those who are accepted and provide the feedback expected will received a free copy of the final PDF (through their choice of either DTRPG or Warehouse 23), and one copy of the physical book will go to the group.

We use our official Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. forums for submitting feedback (and discussing everyone's input), so at least one member of the group will have to join the forum to participate. Playtesters will be added to the hidden playtest area once accepted into playtesting and we have your forum handle. You can see the forums at Federation Commander Forums.

Of course, the start of playtesting is pointing out typing errors, confusing language, etc. In addition your group will be expected to provide regular feedback from actually playing the game. Things like what worked and what didn't, confusing rules and so forth.

The official email for the playtesting is, use a subject like "TPD Playtesting".