Traveller Open Content - New Programme on the Way!


I wonder how/if this changes plans to issue a new license and community guidelines around the Traveller 2e content? Regardless of all the other things going on, I'm looking forward to hearing more about this.
At least Cepheus is now safe. That's a win for the Traveller community.

I'm really shocked they caved on OGL 1.0a. I thought that was going to be the one thing they would not cave on.

I think when the online campaign to boycot the movie started, that made them nervous.


Hi, let's see if you can answer some questions. Since I met Traveler, I want to publish content for the game, in fact, I already published an adventure for the Drinax Pirates campaign that had many visits. I was thinking of publishing adventures and campaigns more or less regularly. With this new license, I will be able to publish them in the modality "pay what you want" or in my ko-fi? Always for free but with the possibility of those who like it and want to support me can do so.