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I'm a long time reader of this forum, but this is my first post asking for a little help with my campaign. I've been running a game with two players for close to five months now, and all has been going well. I've always kept things nice and easy, throwing in a bit of everything that I can think of and trying to keep it engaging. What I love about the game world of Judge Dredd is the ability to create any kind of adventure without it feeling out of place. I've made the usual nods to the zombie and biker genres, martial arts movies and Marvel comics et al. So I've been ticking the typical GM boxes. But now I want to make things really adventurous.
My characters have found themselves on a quest out into the Cursed Earth to rescue their former sector-house chief. My idea was to pace the entire adventure to the events of the film The Wizard of Oz. I'd translate the Munchkins into sympathetic mutant npcs, the Wicked Witch of the West would become a ruthless scavanger leader etc. It feels like a really good idea, but I'm worried that it will feel too linear. So this is just a shout out for any advice you all may have; Have you ever run a game to the events of a film, book etc? Or better still did you ever have the same idea I have and how did that go?
All help is much appreciated!
Yep. And it usually works out very well, especially with Dredd, provided you adapt it well (in fact my Dredd game is a spin off gangster game based loosely around the Sopranos and every Gangster movie I can think of).

Though its best to step outside the plotline, and incorporate the themes (after all everyone has seen the Wizard of Oz) - or the players will feel like they don't have a say.

Convert a few NPCs/Ideas across (the WKD Psyker in a Vest for example), the Red Knee Pads, the Synth-Muncekins and work from there. And play up the humourous side.

Thats my 10pence worth
Thanks, that has really helped. I guess you're right about converting the themes as opposed to dogmatically plotting the events of the film would work best. I thought it'd be kind of fun that the characters would later realise that their individual quest goals would turn out to be the quest goals of the Scarecrow, Tinman (Dredd, anyone?!), the Cowardly Lion or Dorothy. So a shoot-first-ask-questions-later character would learn the importance of being headstrong etc.
Your Dredd/Sopranos idea sounds awesome! I'd never have thought of that. Are you players Judges taking on a family or perps?!
They're all perps, in the Falsetto Crime family - Its just started up again. The Rookies guide to Criminal Organisations and the Crime Scene: Mob source book proved to be the main source of inspiration - along with the fact I love Dredd but had been planning to run a gangster based game since I picked up a copy of Gangbusters years ago.

Also everyone had previously played Judge Dredd from Games Workshop so it seemed like I needed to do something different, I'd just started watching the Sopranos and it clicked. Given I love gangster movies and have a slightly checkered history. The Mafia Encylopedia helped, and we were away.

The players currently own a 'rights' to two blocks. One of them is their crew boss (Michaela Hammer - now a Capo) with interests in a law firm, brothel and grill and a pornographers. Uri Feller, the psychic, is much more in the background, but has taken to working for one Leo De Capo (the Family Advisor) at a casino. The third major figure is a Umpty Dealer and Skysurfer known under the alias of Shade. Along with Johnny 'The Claw' Falsetto they make up the Hammer Gang

Other affiliated Criminal gangs are

The Syndicate - Don Don Corneyholy with his advisor Leo de Capo, Jimmy the Fix, Sharp Zapatta Zen (fixers) and the lovely Fern Soloman (Jimp). They make up the head of the family

Big Hands Tony Falsetto (Prostitution, construction, Protection) backed up by Big Sal, Dante and Silver (blitzers) serves as the most influencial family that sees to the day to day business.

Speedy Reed-Richards - Texan crime boss, affilated to the mob - indepentent. With a finger in the drug, stolen vehicles, heist and blitz business.

Vincent Vegas - Slick Drug runner who took over for his murder uncle.

Big Boy Bernice - Drug dealing and protection keep the Big Boys in Pies.
close friend of the notorious 'You want it, we got it supplier' Fat Sam.

Brit-Cit Bingham Boydd - Suave Brit Cit emigree and master smuggler, backed up by 'Freaky Eak' and the sweet Anna Quey

The Long Scabbies - Now Defunct.

Richie Amora - Rival Smuggler, but close friend of Boydd. Took over after Sal Theroux was eliminated for attempting to close down Boydd.

Along with the Urban Cowgirls (a juve gang of ex strippers lead by Lara Toff) Abslom Dekk and the Dekkheads they make up the main clans.

Arraigned against them are the mysterious Kitten Gang of Russ Meyer block who have backed the survivers of the Scabbies gang and operate through indepents across the meg.

Another rising threat is the Valance Eddging Black Velvet Goth gang who are fighting a losing turf war with the rising new juves of the Clinton-Lewinski Displaced Persons block, El and the Soul Crew. The Yakas of the neighbouring sector.

Oh and I forgot Jenny Ondeline the sophisticated Euro-City connection with a feline sculpt, an unknown power, a dangerous ally and a sometimes benefical enemy. No one is sure where she fits in.
I am put to shame with how great your game sounds! How many player do you need to run this opus?
We only have 3 players at the moment, which works better than when we previously had 6. So as a GM theres quite a lot of work to be done, but its evolved quite nicely as I theme the game to run on episodes with a basic outline script, so the involvement is usually down to sets of NPCs. Its getting easier as the party builds up with NPCs and their own organisations....
Te best way to convert is to do as you have done and go with themes. I would also advise 3 or 4 set pieces in there which can be triggered when the team goes to a certain location. Its easy enough to do but you MUST react to what the players have been up to or it is too linear. It is best to loosely plot your entire storyline before session 1 and then plan each session as you go, reacting to what the players have done but sticking as closely as you can to your original idea.

Does that make any sense at all??!!

ps - dredd as the tinman? you could sing, 'If I Only Had A Hi-Ex...'