Tomb of the Ancestor



I'm running a Convention game of the Conan RPG, a one session event I am calling The Tomb of the Ancestor.

I'm still in the process of completing the game (having been asked to run the game on short notice, but am happy to obliege), but the story does have preset characters included as part of the adventure, and are to a larger degree intrinsic to the telling of the tale.

If you're in Brisbane here in Australia, and might wish to play, by all means feel free to enroll in the event. :)

As listed, the event is being run by me, and is written by myself in concert with Patrick Ogaard.
For those of us *cough* unable to fly several thousand miles to your convention... any chance of posting / sending the adventure to this forum after the event?


Yeah SALette, if you could share the adventure that would be greatly appreciated! :)

If you don't want to type it up in this forum, you could always post it to the Yahoo! ConanD20 group.


I'm going to that convention, for my sins I enrolled in the 2 RPGA sessions early, before your game became available by the look of it. Mostly because that was the only d20 fantasy available.

I was going to run a Conan next year when I've got the system down pat. eh. Quantity of impressed shrinks...