Today is the day, finally I'm going to play Conan!


Thanks for the support! I really have to thank you cause without you probably I'll just keep the books for my personal use and nothing more, so most of you have been an important part to start this thing.

Today I was thinking about the PC's of the adventure, and I was thinking in "The People of the Black Circle" where Yasmina, the Devi from Vendhya, is kidnapped by Conan to free 7 chiefs from the hills, so maybe I could use something like that, I mean, I have a female ex-noble (from Kithai, rather than Vendhya), and a nomad Himelian tribesman, I'm gonna have to adapt the story, but maybe that story from Howard could provide a good start for the players in order to form the party.


I've used that idea three times before myself (GMing DnD sessions before the Conan rpg came out), twice using seers as the main enemies, and once without sorcerers.

It can work well, whether you involve the Seers or just develop a story involving kidnapping a noble to free comrades imprisoned (in which case you'd work out how the nobles seek out their kidnapped ally/queen/rival/whatever, how the PCs get to free their kidnapped tribesmen, or what happens if they fail, etc.). If the PCs fail to free their allies, would the other tribesmen want revenge for the failure? Would they banish the PCs or hunt them with bloodlust?

Things to consider. I think it's a good idea. Good luck developing it.


Vincent791 wrote:
BTW, please tell me what are the books that contain more info about Hyboria, not rules related but about the gazeteer and that kind of stuff. I just have the core book, Aquilonia FotW and Shadizar box set. Thanks!

Besides what people have already suggested, I would point that if this is what you like in sourcebooks (I´m quite of the same mindset, I guess) you should get "Across the Thunder River". In terms of mood and setting, it is the best in the line (you get to know lots of things on Pictish culture and way of thinking, besides the reasons for Picts being so feared).

I thought I didn´t need a book on lowly stone age savages... before I saw it at the store. Now it is my favourite book, so you can bet it is good.
Plus, you have Aquilonia, so it will be easy to send players to this zone.

I was thinking in "The People of the Black Circle"

Hope your players will play it in "easy" level, because otherwise death count will be high :twisted: