There's loads really, stuff like Shouts at people when stressed...Ignores information passed by anyone whose female....

Have a look at some of the sample characters in the main book to grab some idea's...
I'd recommend Crash Priority and Flashbacks, too. Both have sets of pre-generated characters with Tics galore to keep you happy. Think bad habits, stress related features, idiosyncracies of action and language - e.g. speaks with a Russian accent, uses assigned gear to pick his ears, carelessly discards packaging and blames it on team mates, chews his own tongue, can't read off a number without being exact to five decimal places... Whatever suits to make the character more interesting to roleplay, and ideally opens the potential for them to get into trouble or get others into trouble.
Thanks, these will be helpful next time I make a paranoia charicter. Unfortunatly the one shot adventure I wanted this info for was five days ago . . . :D
Ah, you see you didn't mention we had a deadline. Such information should have been mandatory to ensure efficiency of information delivery.

Well, that's the sort of response you'd probably get from some deskbound lackey in CPU.
Ah see if you'd have completed the correct forms or offered a good enough bribe the info would have been quicker... :wink: