Things I like about Armageddon...


The new Stealth rules
The new Ancients (new Ancients...? oxymoron)
Changes to the EA lists, from what I can remember from the last open day
The new jump point scatter rules
The Liati

..Just thought things had been getting a bit too negative.
Don't get me wrong - there's a lot I love aabout Armageddon:

* Stealth
* Fighters
* Jump point alterations
* most of the new ships (especially that sweet, sweet Adira)
* Scary First Ones & Ancients

But as always Mongoose is only able to please most of the people most of the time - and something I think that they do better than any other games company I know of.
I think there's plenty to like...

  • - Revised Stealth and Fighter rules
    - Modest improvements to the Omega and the Hyperion
    - Upped dogfight values on Starfuriesa and T-Bolts [+2 and +1 respectively]
    - Most of the new ships
    - Included FAQs for previous supplements