They did it again - no index in EFCB


Hi everyone!
I just bought the Earth Force Campaign Book and found it extremely useful, especially the campaign suggestions (compliments to Mr. Hahn), but when I tried to find out what the "Blue Berets" were I noticed that - again - there is no index in the book, which diminishes its usefulness a lot, since now you can't simply use it to look something up. Of course I found the entry eventually, but it took much more time than it should have. I think this is a serious problem, with many B5Books, please... please include a detailed index in all future print products.
Maybe you could provide us poor customers with downloadable indeces for the books missing them. Just to print them out and glue into the book. That would be a REAL help and an example of good customer service.

PS: Maybe it would have been better to use a Hyperion for the Eurytheus campaign, since the ship plans are coming out this month, instead of a Nova, but this can, of course be changed. Nevertheless I find this campaign contains a lot of intersting ideas. I hope there won't be too much to change for 2nd Ed.