Theories of everything set in the Spinward Marches


Banded Mongoose
I’m starting a new group in a few days and thinking of running Reach adventure 2: Theories of everything as the first adventure. The campaign will however be set in The Spinward Marches.

Has anyone moved the adventure to the marches and can suggest a suitable location? Suggestions of adapting the groundside missions are also welcome.
The adventures are basically entirely on Borite and Marduk. So you just need a couple of nearby low tech, low pop worlds since nothing about the adventures really focuses on the planets themselves. The Marduk replacement just needs a seashore and the Borite replacement just needs a gas giant.

There's a lot of places like that. But, for instance, the corner of the Praetoria Subsector near the Aramis trace has Teh, New Ramma, and Rubrak that are all close together, low pop, and low tech. And starting there puts you right next to Aramis, Rhylanor, Lanth, and Regina, where lots of other published adventures are located if you want to use any of them.