The Toll of the Darklands...

On a lighter note, it seems that the Will of Naar can take its toll on even the strongest of roleplaying constitutions... the following is a direct excerpt from the unedited Darklands MS:

"The Darklords have surrounded themselves with soldiers, servants and slaves for their amusement. In their madness and evil, the lines between which role a given being falls into from moment to moment can easily change for the Darklords. This makes love a hellish existence for any creature in Helgedad, Darkspawn or not. Slaves live brutal, often short lives in Helgedad; the best they can wish for is a swift death when their masters tire of them."

Don't hit me August - it's the best Freudian slip I've seen all year and I had to share it!
*reads the excerpt* :shock:


Don't worry, August, I'll just pretend I didn't see that.


*shudders again*

Paido :wink: