The Ragged Edge and Beyond


I am preparing to run The Ragged Edge along with the prequel The Cold Equation. I am still in the process of reading The Ragged Edge and am enjoying it very much. I am interested in using the Athena Strain somewhere in this campaign...any ideas as to where in the Ragged Edge it fits best?.

Also has anyone incorporated any of the modules from Crucible? I was thinking that the Dilgar module might fit in well with an Autumn Shipping mission..any thoughts.

And Mongoose Gar, do you have plans to continue the story for 2260, I for one would eagerly purchase such a product/s.

Well, there are a couple places I'd say you can put the story in.
Mainly two spots that you can do it without having to railroad the characters to much. First one in the campaign would be right after they characters get done with training. They have to find a way off the markab world and throwing them right into the athena strain could work there.

Next would be after they "lose" the far star. This of course, assumes they lose it. Since they've got access to a ship for most of the campaign it can be hard to get the entire group stuck on the other ship. But if they lose the Far Star they can catch a ride on the Athena and get involved with the problem that way.
There aren't any (current) plans to continue it. I might do a S&P article with more post-2260 ideas. Admittedly, I've been saying 'I'll do an S&P article about XXX' far too much lately. :)
indeed, as it almost time for S&P 36 now...
but I agree, so far it looks like an interesting campaign and I'd love to see more!