The Order of Prometheus - PDF & Pre-Order


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A brand new mini-campaign, set in the Solomani Sphere, is now available - The Order of Prometheus!

You can grab your own copy right here:

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In a backwater cluster of worlds deep within the Solomani Confederation, a covert society has stolen a cosmic secret. Using lost, perhaps forbidden, knowledge the Order of Prometheus will lead humanity into a new age with their custom-made creatures. Loyal warriors, indefatigable workers and resilient beasts of burden, their Golems are the answer to every manpower and labour-relations issue a user could ever imagine.

Investigating a remote installation, the Travellers stumble on evidence that someone is tampering with nature a little too much. A laboratory accident has cost the lives of the researchers, but where are the others of their team? The investigation takes the Travellers from the harsh world of Wasat, with its unusual starport, to logging camps and country estates. They will experience adventures aboard an atomic train and an awkward lunch with the notorious agents of SolSec.

Finally, the Travellers uncover the sinister motives of the Order of Prometheus, and face difficult choices in a city overrun by mindless killing machines. The wrong decision will permit an atrocity whose backlash might be felt right across Charted Space.
is it possible to transfer the whole adventure to another sector? Or maybe it uses Solomani's socio-geographical aspects and it would be impossible or extremely difficult to play this adventure, for example in Spinward Extents?
You can transfer it. It would require some work, but it is not like anything about the Solomani is incompatible with other humans. How much work reskinning will depend on what local cultures you are using and what details you've already established about the setting you are going to use it in.