The most imppresive Conan supplement so far.

What is the greatest Conan supplement so far?

  • the Scrolls of Skelos

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  • the Road of Kings

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  • Pirate Isles

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  • Across the Thunder River

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  • the Free Companies

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  • Shadizar

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Which one is it? I know it's hard to say, but let's try to pick a favourite :)

So far, I'd pick the Pirate Isles - good balance between rules and fluff, with loads of ideas and very good artwork (RoK has some below-average ones, PI doesn't).
I didn't. Well, that's the problem with such polls - new stuff won't get as many votes, because... um, it's new. Maybe a non-poll topic would be better?
Zeus said:
I didn't. Well, that's the problem with such polls - new stuff won't get as many votes, because... um, it's new. Maybe a non-poll topic would be better?

Well, if it's "the best so far" you want, just don't include Shadizar in the poll :)

Or wait a couple of weeks or so until it's out.

My tentative vote is for Road of Kings, which I found of great assistance in understanding a setting I wasn't that familiar with in the first place. However, from what I've read I'm 75% certain Shadizar is going to top that. I'll pop back and cast my vote once I've seen it... :)
I had to cast my vote for RoK. While all the books have been excellent, RoK provides all the information that allows any player and GM to start anywhere in the setting.
i'm suppose to get a copy of Free companies from my FLGS Thursday or Friday. I paged through a copy at another store. It looks really good. :D Once i get it, i'll vote. PI is really good, but FC is what i really need.
voted for the picts across thunder river the source book is the best mix of information and atmosphere I have read for a long time since the good old classic supplements for CoC were let also means that picts are on the menu was going to base around combatting the cult of set but now have alot more ideas 8)
Pirate Isles. Across Thunder River's writing was a notch above Pirate Isles, but the rules in Pirate Isles were two notches above Across Thunder River. I can't wait for Free Companies to appear on (I have a LGS, and a FGS, but no FLGS).
I've been a proofer and playtester for all of these projects, and I think that The Road of Kings is by far the most useful of all of them.

If the entire Mongoose line of Conan books had stopped at this one sourcebook*, The Road of Kings would give me enough for years of solid campaign ideas and world background.

If I want to use another system other than d20 for a Conan campaign, that book is still invaluable.

If I have a friend who is a non-gamer but a Howard fan, this book would be an ideal gift for them as well.

* as a contributor and current author, I am overwhelmingly happy it hasn't
I would choose RoK if there were no regional supplements planned (like Aquilonia). It's a great book, but most parts of it are likely to be expanded, which means that in a year it's going to be "worth" much less than it is now.
I agree, which is why I choose Across the Thunder River. RoK is a great resource that will allow one to game in any region, but the depth of detail in AtTR trumps it for me. I've never read a game resource with as much natural flowing information, both fluff and crunchy.

I had an earlier post about future supplements making RoK obsolete. RoK may be the best single book to have on a deserted island, but since that's not the case, give me AtTR!
Although I suspect from what I have read about Shadizar that it will be awesome. My vote based on what is currently available goes to Across Thunder river.

I have been at this lark for 26 years now and I must say it is one of the best sourcebooks I have read.

Although the campaign at the back requires work which doesn't suit a lot of our overworked brothers and sisters it is again First rate. :D
It is difficult to say because each book has a special and different purpose. It would be easier if I had to compare adventures or regional sourcebooks but I find all of these quite invaluable.

RoK is good because it's a sort of an encyclopedia that will always be useful for players even when other regional sourcebooks are released (because the latter are mostly for GMs).