The Grove


Shield Maidens uses mythology as a basis for its worldbuilding, and despite how detailed Norse mythology is, we needed more. Creating The Grove, serving as a reminder of the past bounty of the realm was key, and entrusting its care to the Shield Maidens was pivotal.

The Grove rests deep beneath the surface of Midgard. The cave is barely more than a couple of miles wide and tall, but possesses in close proximity the diverse array of flora and fauna of an entire realm in a manner which could not have evolved naturally. It contains a tall chamber in which verdant grass, tall trees which bear ever-ripe fruit, crisp clean air and hundreds of animal species live and flourish. Only the eldest, most revered Shield Maidens know of its whereabouts, and even then, it is spoken of only in hushed whispers. No-one knows how The Grove came to exist, but some theorise that the bountiful cave represents the very heart of the realm.

It stands as testament to the fact that even in the early ravages of Ragnarök, life finds a way to thrive.