The Drakh are here!

I want to know where Tegman is getting all htese books before they hit the normal release chain, are you ordering them direct from Mongoose?

Yes, I order them directly from the website since my local store takes forever before they get anything new to their store, and to my surprise I have noticed that Mongoose is very fast at delivering their books :D
So now I order all my Mongoose books from their website :D
I once emailed MSprange about this since there was another forum user (can't remember his name, think his location was Austria) who announced several times that he'd just gotten a new B5 book in the mail when it was a full month b4 said book would actually arrive in the stores. According to MSprange they don't mail books early, he said something like it must be an over-eager distributor. It does seem odd that 2 people would luck out like that, must be something about their location. :?
I ordered the Darkness & Light sourcebook through the Mongoose website and it did arrive a few weeks before the general release.

As to the Drakh - Yes please!! :D I will be ordering as soon as it appears in my friendly internet shop. After facing one at the Mongoose Open Day game I want my players to have the same "joy" :twisted:

can't remember his name, think his location was Austria
Most likely that'd be me.

And before you ask, yes, I also got the Drakh book already... two weeks ago in fact. Pre-ordering directly from Mongoose is fun!

Of course, I don't Always get is this quickly - sometimes, but not always.
Hi, could someone post a small review of the Drakh fact book, with things like the page number, hardcover or softcover, etc. Thanks a lot.
The Drakh, HC, 96 pages.

A history of the Drakh
Drakh organisation
Drakh characters
Drakh technology
Worlds of the Drakh Entire
Conspiracies & Apocalypses
Games Mastering
They're mainly intended as antagonists, but you could do a Drakh game if you wanted to. They are probably incompatible with a normal B5 party, in terms of both power and outlook.

'Hi, I'm Bob the Trader. This is my pal Ted the Telepath, Ruthal the Ranger, and this is our new friend, the Drakh. He's poisoned us all and put brainworms in our ears so we must serve his diabolical plan to bring down the Interstellar Alliance out of misguided revenge for the loss of his false gods. How're you?'
Got my copy. A pretty interesting read all round. I certainly have some use for these guys later on in my campaign.
IIRC, a Drakh can become an outcast and if so, then he can do pretty much whatever he likes. Granted, not many would like him if they knew what he was and if he meet some old friends I guess they would take care of him, permanently :wink:
A lot of 'ifs', but they could make an interesting character, then again, it is an interesting galaxy they live in... :D
Got mine in the post on Friday - first impressions: nice book! :D

The background on the different factions of the Drakh is excellent and I am sure that any DM could find a use for these guys in their campaigns. Their equipment is interesting and by using the options you could easily turn out two Drakh with such differing abilities (and even appearance) that the players will be convinced that they are dealing with different races! :shock:

The only downside is lack of pictures / illustrations. There are a few in the book but I would like to have had at least drawings of the Drakh vehicles and maybe shots from Crusade showing different Drakh and explaining what each had in the way of equipment and augmentations.

Apart from that it's a good addition to the B5 line! :D