The Book of Hell


Hello I just recently purchased the Book of Hell, and noticed lack of stats for the 4 Princes of Hell, is there any plan to print their stats in the future or are they already published in another Mongoose book? Thank You
Hiyas Zalp:

Don't know if this helps or not, but since I don't have the Book of Hell, I took the time to look through some of the Infernum books, and maybe this will help you a little, course, you will need to have access to some of the Infernum books.

In Book 2 of the Infernum rulebooks, on page 102, it states "Nine great houses....9 princes of the pit..."

Elsewhere in the same book, on page 96, it refers to the Head of each House as being a minimum level 25 demon.*

So, if you are interested in stats for a Hellish Prince, you could use a level 25(25+) demon, and if you have book 1, you could generate one yourself. Book 3 also gives stats for some of the ruling heads of the houses. Currently my son has appropriated both books so I can't tell you much more ATM.

The biggest breakdown is that in the Infernum game, there are 9 great demonic houses vieing for control of Hell, thusly, 9 Great Dukes of Hell, not 4.** Once again through, that doesn't present a great problem, as there was a time in the Infernum's history when there were only 4 houses, and if the "vieing" for control the houses are currently engaged in reaches it logical end-point, there is sure to come a time when there are only 4 houses (or less) again.

Hope this helps a little.



* Technically speaking, a Fallen Angel or a Mortal Sorcerer could be the ehad of a demonic house also, but that might be more information than you need.
** Howeve, most of the houses would probably not really consider House Lictat to be a great house, and the less said about Glabretch the better....
According to Book 1 The Book of Hell there are 4 Princes: Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, and Belial, all considered gods but have no stats, then their are 9 House Lords which are given stats, It is the 4 Princes that I was wondering if their was stats for somewhere, not the Heads of the Devil Households, but thank you anyway.
Okay, you are talking about two different products.

The Book of Hell - is part of the Classic Play line and was written by Adrian Bott.

Infernum: Book of the Damned - Part of the Infernum RPG. Now the Infernum RPG was based on the work that Adrian Bott did in the Book of Hell but it did deviate in some places. One is the exclusion of 4 Princes of Hell instead having 1 Prince for each House.

These princes are not nearly as powerful as Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, and Belial were intended to be. It is my belief that they were design to act as the Deities of Hell and have no statistics.

I have not seen them detailed in any other product, and anything with monster stats in I try to get.
Hell as written in Book of Hell was also briefly described in Book of the Planes. However, as playtester said, no stats because they were considered dieties.

There is some similarities betwen that book and the Infernum setting. IIRC the houses were indeed talked about in Book of Hell. Infernum shed standard D20 for OGL, but it is plain to see the grounds for the material first came from that book.

Even without those stats you are looking for, I would recomend picking up Infernum. It's a top notch setting.
...actually, I suppose Lucifer/Satan should be classed as a Fallen Angel for Infernum purposes, if he was to reappear/appear in someone's campaign. Interesting thought.
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi said:
Hell as written in Book of Hell was also briefly described in Book of the Planes. However, as playtester said, no stats because they were considered dieties.

Exactly. I didn't provide stats for them for the same reason that there are no stats for the deities in the PHB. :)

There was another reason - the mechanics for deity-level stats are not something everyone has access to. Although they've now been added to the SRD, I try to focus on material that only requires the basic books.