That darn web site


Slaine web site.

I have more stuff than I can code in the time available.

What do people want to see first?

*sharp intake o' breath*
Prestige classes based on some of the character options?
Downloads of some kind?
More equipment?
Building types and pictures?
Interesting observations about the setting?
Campaign horror stories?

Anyone answering 'Everything' will be subjected to a withering stare.

toothill man said:
like the idea of buildings and pictures if they also included places like stone circles and tombs etc

I agree, that would be useful.
Tales & legends - there's a lot of stuff out there which I'd just be copying unless I'm going to convert them into adventure seeds, it's just going to be easy plagiarism. Brief encounters and full-on scenarios are something for the future though.

On the maps issue - does anyone have some ideas on how to make downloadable floorplans which could be ? My toolkit in this area is a little bit limited but I easily see possibilities considering how figure-centric any 3E game can get.

Having spent last Sunday night listening to a very talented storyteller who knew his stuff on some Welsh myth and could play a mean wire harp and flute, I've got some more inspiration on that particular front - would be a fool if I didn't bring some of that to the site.

Thanks for the feedback so far, it's saved me a small ton of work and I'm pursuing some avenues which hadn't been expected. Keep it coming in! I'm pruning dead/irritating links at the moment so hopefully I'll make a declaration like... oh feckit, life's lived once!

Eachtra! - The Rough Guide to Tir Nan Og.

Samhain 2003.

Let it not be said, I don't like deadlines.
the bard tales sound wonderful and story seeds are the sort of think I was after just like I have written to mongoose before that I dont mind putting effort in and will use source material to inrich my campain but bending it to my style.remember for CoC there was a wonderful web resource called tales of terror lots of short ideas and plotlines something like that would be wonderful and if you need help please ask :)
Background/mood material would be great.

I am currently working on a map of Tir na Nog using Campaign Cartographer. It may take some time to finish (weeks at least) and would be happy to send to you if you like to include it. It might not be very good when it is completed but might be a bit better than the grey-shade blob in the Tir nan Og supplement (Carnac isn't even in the right place).
I found a couple of maps on the web, essentially reprints of ones from the comics I think, with the real world coastline overlayed on the Tir nan Og landscape. Problem is they are very minimal in detail. That's why I decided to try and knock something together that (for example) shows where the mountains and forests are and that kind of stuff.

As I previously said, it may take a little while to finish but I hope to have a basic level map completed in the next few weeks (major landscape, coast largest settlements. Then aim at producing smaller scale ones for my campaign after that (Fir Domain with mopst villages marked, etc.)
The Keltoi of the English Isles weren't particually proficent in the making of maps, having not developed writing outside of ritual use for funerals.

Druids might make maps mind.....
Traditionally, a druid works from an oral tradition and prefers 'oral maps' carried in their heads and recited as needed. Such maps use obscure theological and astrological references (things druids knew well) adding to a druid's ability to spout gibberish like it means something. Of course it does but only other druids will know what's meant.

Rogues and other exceptional folks may puzzle it out though... :)

However, Tir Nan Og is a bit different from classical 'Celtic' - libraries exist in Dinas Emrys, Durrington, Glastonbury and Drunemeton - cured hides or bark scrolls and Ogham-carved wands. Getting a 'book' out means a sizable debt to a druid or Drune or theft from the same - not something undertaken lightly.

Most other places have lost knowledge to the ravages of Time barring certain tablets and ruins in the lands of the Titans or hidden in Atlantean ruins. Fomorians may prefer to use less perishable media for writing or favour an oral tradition despite their mechanical aptitudes.

Some of the more erudite nobles and educated types in Albion and the lands of the Nemere might have small libraries which look like a stack of wands or a chest full of rolled up scrolls. These should be exceptional though and note the owner as a 'cultured' individual who may be capable of battle plans and other tricky behaviour.

Rogues (and Drunes) are more likely to write things down though - maps being made by merchants and explorers in the main, those nations who use skyships would also benefit from such so the Falians and Lyonesse merchants might - as may Midgarder raiders.

Such documents wouldn't be frequent but would be valuable to those who knew what they meant - the book of plans carried by Slough Throt in Sky Chariots is of immense value yet Slaine and Ukko are indifferent to it!
that was common when most cannot read. one theory I read about the fact so many illuminated letters are still around is the vikings used the soft vellum on there bums as toilet paper and the gold leaf was too rough so was hoarded for trade instead :?:
Sorry to sound like a total newb, but could someone post the address to this Slaine Website? :oops:
I just discovered Slaine last week and now I'm hopelessly hooked.