Thankyou Mongoose for the replacement.


I bought the Elric Core rules book fairly recently (and all the expansions).
As it turned out, the Core rules hardback book had some dodgy binding and some of the pages were loose and were starting to fall out.

A friend from the Portsmouth Rolplaying Society recommended I email Mongoose to ask if it could be replaced.

So I did and the next day I got a reply saying they were sending out a replacement ASAP.
I got it by the weekend and it was fine.

So thankyou Mongoose, specifically Matthew Sprange for coming through for me.
It's nice to see some companies still have the perosnal touch and sort out problems.

You'll be sure to have my custom when I wanna get some RPG stuff (such as more Elric material *hint hint* ;) )

I'd like to see a big full colour map of the young kingdoms (or at least a high quality downloadble one) and a nice big scenario book or campaign book. Background material is nice, but I have read all the books several times over, so I know the world well, although it's nice to read Mongooses take on it.

Magic of the young kingdoms I especially liked, good job with that! :)