Terror of the Unknown check?


I see it discussed in reference to seeing magical beasts, but what about acts of sorcery? Seems that should set of a similar terror check, at least for some...
Having just read "the people of the black circle" again this morning I think I'm likely to introduce a house-rule that terror checks and crimson mist can both occur when encountering a new style of sorcery.
Some sorcery styles such as hypnotism certainly should not cause a fear of the unknown check, or it defeats teh purpose of the spell.

Scolar casts Entrance on character. Character fails fear of the unknown check, and runs away screaming like a schoolgirl. Scholar doesn't get an entranced subject.

In general, I'd be inclined to not have sorcery cause a fear check.
I could see maybe if the spell in question had a very visual effect. But I think those spells are few and far between.