Technomage Ship Questions

El Cid

One of our players has a Technomage ship and we were trying to decide how he would get on and off B5 using it and not be detected.

Any thoughts?

Also, do the normal mantenance costs for ships apply to his ship?

Actually you could use the round about way they were doing it in the novels. They left their ships at a hidden place and caught regular runs there in disguise.
The B5W Technomage Pinnacle had an illusion field to make the ship look like anything - shuttle, asteroid, golden dragon. Does the Mongoose version have something similar?

Literally just dealt with this on Saturday.

My L6 TechnoMage had to get onto B5 unnoticed, with his ship intow.

Hadn't invested anything in it to get anything above the basic ship.

Had it in a cargo pod.

Can still get to it if an emergency, but otherwise it's safe.


You really can't do many of the cool things from the series until your mage is about L8/9 with a large chunk of experience piled into your Pinnace to get the stealth options (like changing it's appearance)

Plus, you can pretend to be a 'Spacecraft Enthusiast' who is transporting his newest acquisition.

Gives you an alibi and overt reason for having a large shuttlecraft tucked into a cargo pod surrounded by styrofoam. "Have you ever tried to buff out transport scratches? Well that's why I pack it in!"

Best part though is when you have to leave with two rangers and a blip in tow, without knowing the blip is wanted by the Corps, and they convince you they need transport.

Then when the Starfury ordering you back inside is blasted by the expanding styrofoam shooting out of the cargo pod as you leave, they have a hell of a time getting a reading on you.

Especially when you kick in extra stealth.

Oh, and the PC's have no idea that it's a Pinnace at the moment. They jsut assume it's a guady ship (the intertior was altered to match the description. Leather trim and comfy seats ahoy!). Didn't get a look at the outside because it as covered in foam...
Don't forget to mention the furry trim, as well as the cardboard dividers for the guest room. (Austen Powers strikes back.) At least he didn't have the fluffy dice. How about decking the outside in racing stripes or just paint it "go faster red"

Don't worry.I'll clean up the bathroom after I finish upchucking from the zero -g trip.(really bad rolls)

Oh and remember to have an answer to how will you make them, if you get an order, will you be hiring other people, where will you get the materials, any special processes needed and what you will use for manufacturing facilities. Saying that you will make them on order is Ok but what happens if anyone asks for details.
Thankfully my character hasn't thought of that YET.