System overview.


Emperor Mongoose
I have never heard of the computer game.

But pirates :)

I have no idea what this game will be like? How do the rules work? Is it a boardgame/cardgame with a bit of roleplaying or is it a roleplaying game? Can you fight ship battles?

A preview of the rules, table of contents, components?

And skeletons :)

There is already talk about this game on other rpg forums, but no one knows what the rules are like or what it looks like inside...
More of an RPG. The rules though are easier to learn / quicker to play then something like Traveller or D&D.

You'll have a PC (Pirate Character) that can improve (or weaken) during play.

You can complete quests, fight other pirates, skeletons, along with other enemies. Also ship to ship.