Suspicious About SST Evo?


mthomason said:
I can see it now.

The State of the Game address, Matthew Sprange standing behind a podium, backdrop with SICON flag fluttering behind him, LBH ushering the assembled M.I. into their seats behind the camera.

Then Reborn trips over the camera lead, falls into a table in, miniatures go flying into the air, the camera flies across the room and into the backdrop, the scenery falls backwards onto the ground and bursts into flames, and the offices are evacuated to the sound of fire brigade sirens...

And somehow in amongst all this, Reborn also manages to break the new shredder :lol:



How about meet on the thirtieth? Any news there?

No idea. Dropped Matthew an email last week, but never got a reply so pretty much in the dark still.

Meh, no matter. Its probably for the best, other than my Pathfinder force from War of Species, my MI keep getting hammered anyway. Nor sure I could subject the 'Madcats' to a third ignomineous humiliation :?



ThinkI'll break out the paints and have another stab at actually getting my MI painted in the hope that I can make it....