Summer Project II: Magnetic Bases for ACTA

Also posted in ACTA but thought it fitting to post it here...

After some time spent pondering and constructing, here is the completed display base:


It was constructed with a 12"x12" piece of plywood, balsa wood 'lips', a magnetic sheet (originally 12"x24" trimmed to fit), and a number of Neodymium Disc Magnets. All of the minis you see pictured - including the fighters - have magnets applied. After priming it, I sprayed it with a black spray paint that's supposed to have a 'chalkboard texture & effect'. I'm curious to see if chalk will go on and come off as advertised...but not on this thing.

The magnets I ordered left me with an abundance of extras and the Vorlons are already in the works :wink: . Once my Shadow Ship arrives that project will be in full swing.

They are quite sturdy when placed on the now magnetic base. Hyperion shown for reference (and my TV remote as a wedge!):

With all of the tournaments and conventions coming up, I figured I'd use it to go from table to table and maybe brown-nose my way towards the Best Painted award. Speaking of which this tray made its debut at Chicago III tournament. Transporting from table to table will be simple! Stars painted on using the brush flicking method.

As if the lone Hyperion ever had a prayer. What stubborn nobility. Onwards to Earth!!

Going forward I'd like to try Vorlons with a shriveled Shadow Ship, maybe EA with a wasted Dilgar something-or-other...the most fun is creating the destroyed ship. Call me a sadist. If I played either Narn or Centauri there'd be a lot of possibilities. Of course I have to do a drifting White Star for a certain ISA player out there :twisted:
I like your painting! You should do a Signs and prtents article about how you did the Minbari army.